הזמנה לוובינר
Continuing to Globally share Accessibility and Inclusion during the Corona (COVID-19) Crisis
The 3rd International Webinar will bring together, Commissioners and National Leaders from, USA, South Africa, Austria, Namibia and Israel who will share their challenges and best practices in dealing with Disabilities and Inclusion during these times.
Wednesday | July 15, 2020 | 15:30 GMT

Screenshot of Webinar participants
The "Access Israel" organization which manages a large number of international ties for the ...
About 50% do not know at all who is responsible and who will take care of their needs.
The survey was ...
A disabled person in a wheelchair with a mask in f
The Coronavirus situation is a new and scary reality for all of us and we are all trying to overcome the ...
Conference directors and Access Israel's delegatio
Access Israel received an award for best practice for the accessibility training for teachers at the Zero ...
Feast of the Senses dinner
Access Israel is one of the leading organizations in Israel who plays an important role in making ...
Dozens of senior executives came to attend the con
The Valuable 500 Forum held a unique international conference on January 13th, organized by Access Israel ...
Zero Project award winner 2020
Access Israel's "Training for Inclusive Teaching" has been awarded by the Zero Project as one ...
President Rivlin with Access Israel's delegation
In 20 short years, Israel, the Start Up Nation, is on the road to becoming Israel, the Accessible Start ...
the Seal of Effectiveness for Social Activism
This is the eighth year that 'Midot' organization has awarded the seal, which is given to non-profit ...

Donation Request: Promoting Accessibility to People with Disabilities in Israel

a girl in wheelchair and access israel's logo
many sites and services in Israel remain inaccessible to people with disabilities, through a donation to Access Israel you can partake in the accessibility revolution

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