About Purple Vest


The Purple Vest Mission is an initiative which promotes accessibility preparedness in times of emergency for people with disabilities and the elderly. The Purple Vest Mission was initiated on March 2022 by Access Israel who is the leading organization in Israel promoting accessibility and inclusion for all types of disabilities in all areas of life. As leaders of accessibility and inclusion in Israel, Access Israel is very experienced and active in shaping the preparedness of Israel in times of emergency making sure people with disabilities and elderly are not left behind. Access Israel led round tables with stakeholders to understand challenges, needs and possible solutions and conducted training various stakeholders for preparedness in time of emergency and with being part of the advanced legislation process resulting in regulations on preparedness in times of emergency.

When the war broke in Ukraine, Access Israel understood the need to focus on making sure solutions on the ground fit those most vulnerable – the elderly and those with disabilities. The requests for help started to come, calling for help for specific and unique needs for people with disabilities. Access Israel immediately understood that people with disabilities and the elderly are left behind and are not evacuated because the complexity of arranging accessible evacuation and because of lack of available information on this subject.

Access Israel immediately decided to initiate the “Purple Vest Mission” – Our overall long-term goal is to create contingency plans for people with disabilities and the elderly globally, to ensure preparedness and a plan for times of emergency. Purple Vest mission is focused on people with disabilities and the elderly and their families.

Why Purple Vest?
The idea behind the purple vest itself is that when people with disabilities and the elderly see a person wearing a purple vest (with the color purple which is identified with rights for people with disabilities) they will know that this person was trained and has the tools to provide assistance in an accessible way.



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Purple Vest work includes


Purple Vest training (With a drawing of a purple vest)
we provide customized training for organizations, municipality and governmental representatives and individuals on how to provide emergency services – evacuations, humanitarian aid, information and more – in an accessible way.


Accessible Evacuation (With a drawing of a wheelchair)
 We work with forces on the ground to encourage and provide tools for a quick response to assist with accessible rescue operations, throughout the sequence of evacuations from home to safety.


Home Assistance (With a drawing of hands held in the shape of a heart)
Purple Vest takes into account those choosing to stay behind, training those providing humanitarian aid so they will do so in an accessible way.


Information (With a drawing of an iPad with a megaphone placed on it)
We offer information for people with disabilities and the elderly in emergency areas.  For volunteer partners, we provide information, training, and connections, enabling you to assist effectively in times of emergency.


In April 2022, we received a generous donation from The Nippon Foundation from Japan and other donors, enabling us to provide and fund accessible complex evacuations, provide supplies, contacts and other information for people with disabilities and elderly in Ukraine and raise awareness and conduct trainings both virtual and face-to-face to volunteers and organizations operating in and around Ukraine to provide tools on making the efforts they provide during these difficult times more accessible and fitting for people with disabilities and the elderly.


In December 2022 we received the support from the Ministry of Foreign Affairs in israel and continuous support of Accessibility Accelerator from the USA enabling us to continue the efforts of making sure people with disabilities and elderly are considered and part of preparing for times of emergency, focusing on awareness, information, training and continuing to connect the dots between those operating on the ground making sure people with disabilities and elderly are not left behind.


The Purple Vest Mission listens to needs on the ground, identifies all available resources, and connects the dots to facilitate improved experiences for people with disabilities.




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