The Purple Vest Initiative's Activity in the October 7 War in Israel

The Purple Vest Initiative's Activity in the Octob

As we approach the fourth week of the war, we find it essential within our ongoing effort to say thank
you for your support and valuable contribution that allows us to continue helping those who need us
the most now! Your financial contributions are vital in our humanitarian effort for people with
disabilities, the elderly, and their families in these difficult days. Simply, WE ARE SAVING LIVES!

Thanks to expertise from our experience in Ukraine, our Purple Vest Mission was operational
within 90 minutes of the atrocities of October 7.
✓ On the first day of the war (which was a Saturday), we started direct contact with people with
disabilities in the areas where the terror was occurring.
✓ Towards the end of the first day, we uploaded a vital information page for emergencies.
✓ On the second day (Sunday), the emergency call center was fully activated.
✓ On the fourth day, we already started accessible alternative housing system and evacuations.
✓ In the first week, we established an expanded and dedicated system of volunteers for the project.
✓ we published videos for initial training on accessible housing, emergency assistance, and more.

Even this week, we continue to be flooded with requests from people with disabilities in the attacked
areas and especially in the south, starting with requests for information and consultation, through
accessible rescues and accessible alternative housing, and continuing with requests for food, clothing,
equipment, medicines, medical equipment, psychological assistance and more.





Accessible image text:


So far, Purple Vest's hotline has received over 600 reqest
regarding housing and various needs for people with disabilities and the elderly.


we have already in place rooms for 2,200 nights
in 42 different hotels (in 7 main hotels).


For over 600 people
we have found accessible alternative housing.


We have from the Front Lines of Humatarian Aid in
Israelconducted 10 trainings for over 450 trainees

to provide accessible assistance - who are already in the field.


Over 2,400 people
received assistance from primary care to food, equipment,
medicine, clothing, psychological help and more.

We purchased two accessible vehicles
with a specific donations which are already operating to
rescue people with disabilities from attacked areas.




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The picture has this caption: "A heartfelt thank you – know your support and continued are SAVING LIVES"


In the picture there are also a several photos from the vacancy of Project "Purple West Mission" and next to the pictures appear rectangles with the following captions:


We moved a family whose building took a direct hit, and for
five days, they stayed in a stairwell in the next building to a hotel.


We provided a caretaker to a woman in a wheelchair while she
was under fire in a locked bombshelter until she was rescued by
the army followed by us moving them to accessible alternative housing.


We assisted an 85-year-old woman in a wheelchair with a daughter and two
granddaughters with severe anxiety. With the help of an accessible vehicle,

we moved them to an accessible alternative housing in Eilat.

*There are hundreds more stories about our humanitarian actions and efforts.




Below are links to videos on rescues, aid, and emergency training prepared Access Israel since the outset of the war

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A video of her getting on the accessible bus with a lift

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