Access Israel led a training for accessibility and inclusion in services and education at the Azrieli College of Engineering

a screenshot from the meeting

On Thursday 04.02.2021 Access Israel led an educational meeting of Israeli Hope for the staff of the Azrieli College of Engineering, on tools to provide for accessible and inclusive education and services.

During the event, the management and academic staff met instructors with disabilities from Access Israel and heard their experiences in college, the struggles they experience while studying, and learned about accessibility and how to make the service in the college more accessible.

As part of this meeting, they had:

A meeting with Dr Revital Svirski, who shared her challenges and successes that she had during her degree as a person with disabilities.

A meeting with Moti Levi, an instructor with hearing disability, a former student of the collage who told a moving story when he told a story about his time studying in the department of industrial engineering and management and when he told the story about his experience when he tried to be included during his studies. The head of the department who participated in the event, was very happy to see him and said many warm and welcoming words.

The participants also met Dror Karmeli, an instructor with a vision disability, who shared the challenges a person with a vision disability faces in a seeing learning environment and Yaron Segev who shared the challenges of a person with a mental disability as a student in college and provided tips and tools on how to act and aid a person with that kind of disability.

Among other things the participants experienced simulations of the different disabilities and the instructors provided the staff with helpful tips for providing accessible services for students with different kinds of disabilities.

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