An Online Accessibility Event for the B Middle School in Yarka


On the 15th of December, Access Israel operated an online experiential stations event for the 8th grade of the B Middle School in Yarka!

The students listened to an opening lecture on an introduction to accessibility, met Ada the instructor  with a disability, who spoke with them on physical accessibility and let them try to write with their nondominant hand, to simulate hand disability.

Afterwards they met Yakov, an instructor with at the vision disability station who told them about his struggles, his experiences and opportunities as a person with a vision disability. Also, the students experienced walking around in their familiar area, and performing simple tasks with their eyes closed to experience how it is to live with a visual disability.

Later, Hodaya the instructor of the Hearing disability station shared with the participants her life story, while she was translated into Arabic.

Eventually, Ori Yitzhaki the instructor of the communication disability station shared with us his experiences, and tips how to integrate a student with communication disabilities in the school. Even Guy Larrar from the channel 13 show Hatzinorwent to Ori to wish us good luck. The students expressed much interest, asked wonderful questions, and cooperated in an extraordinary fashion.

In conclusion, we had fun.

Thank you very much! 


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