Continuing Educational Activities during Covid-19: An Accessibility Event at the School Neve Naman in Hod Hasharon


On Thursday, the 26 of November 2020, Access Israel organized an accessibility event for the 10 grade in the Technologic School Neve Naman in Hod Hasharon, thanks to the donation of Globrands.

The day started with a lecture that was held in two capsules due to the cOVID-19 situation. In the lecture the students learned about the world of accessibility, the different disabilities, and what role society has in creating a change.

Afterwards, the students participated in the event, during which the students split up to four groups and passed through different experiential stations, in which they met and got to know the organization's instructors, people with different kinds of disabilities (Hearing, seeing, communicative, and physical). In the meetings, the instructors shared their personal stories, their challenges, struggles, and successes from their day-to-day life.

the students met an instructor with Asperger's syndrome
At the communicative disability station, the students met an instructor with Asperger's syndrome.

In the different experiential stations, the students learned about the disabilities they experienced, the personal struggles of the instructors with disabilities, and experienced the day-to-day challenges people with disabilities face.

Among the different stations, was a station that simulated hearing disabilities. The children played the "Telephone Game" in which they had to pass on a word to their friends and understand it by only reading lips.

In the physical disability station, the students experienced sitting in a wheelchair and performing simple everyday activities such as entering and exiting the classroom, picking up an object from the floor and more.

In the communicative disability station the students were introduced to an instructor with Asperger's syndrom who told them his story, his struggles and successes living with this disability and showed them a video which illustrated the struggles of a situation that with stimulation overload.

In the station that simulated vision disabilities, the students experienced walking around while their eyes are covered and they cannot see anything.

The students experienced walking around while their eyes are covered
The students experienced walking around while their eyes are covered.

At the end of the program the school said:

"We're after an Accessibility Event. I want to give you a huge thanks, like in every year, this is a powerful experience! Your instruction staff are something special Guy, Ori, Moti, and Sharon were amazing! Truly inspiring people. Thank you for everything!"

Access Israel would like to thank Globrands for the generous donation which enabled us to organize this important event Thank you!

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