The A B C's of accessibility event in the Agron School in Jerusalem


On the 14th of July Access Israel organized the A B C's of accessibility lessons for kindergarteners and 1st to 4th grade students of the Agron summer school in Jerusalem as preparation of the accessibility event that took place two days later.

During the accessibility event, the kindergarteners and the 1st to 4th graders went through four experiential stations:

- Blind Goal Ball: Fetch with a goalball (a ball with bells) while sitting in a circle with their eyes closed to simulate blindness.

The children played fetch with their eyes closed

- Simulating physical mobility: Drawing on a graffiti wall with gloves, or tying rubber bands to their hands, which restrict movement, to simulate a mobility disability on the hands.

- Dodge ball Game: A sitting dodge ball game in which you cannot move any part of your body except your hands, to simulate mobility disability.

- Broken Telephone Game: The student played games like the Broken Telephone with headphones that make hearing more diifficult, to simulate hearing disability.


The children experienced hand disability by wearing gloves or tying rubber bands



The school greeted us with excitement and even prepared a gift to every instructor and crewmember.


We were happy and very excited to instruct the accessibility event at the Agron School.


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