Introducing Friends of Access Israel (FAISR)


Access Israel is happy to share with you the establishment of the organization "Friends of Access Israel" (FAISR) in the United States. FAISR is founded and led by Jamie Lassner and Alan Brown.

Jamie Lassner is the General Director and a board member of FAISR and Alan Brown and A. Eisenstat are board members. Alan is the Director of Public Impact for the Christopher Reeve Foundation and has a lot of knowledge and experience in the field of accessibility.

FAISR's mission is to improve accessibility and inclusion for people with disabilities and the elderly in the United States by bringing Access Israel's methodology and projects to the USA.

So far FAISR has already completed a successful trip to the Kilimanjaro to raise awareness for accessibility and inclusion in February 2020. The group consisted of people with and without disabilities who climbed together Africa's highest mountain.

FAISR is planning many exciting, educational and impactful events and projects in the United States to promote accessibility and inclusion for all.

For more information on FAISR, you can visit their website:

Jamie Lassner, Alan Brown and A. Eisenstat
Picture (From left): Jamie Lassner, Alan Brown and A. Eisenstat
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