Webinar on Accessible Smart Cities in Chile

a screenshot from the webinar
a screenshot from the webinar

Last week the Israeli embassy in Chile and Access Israel organized a webinar on "Accessible Smart Cities For All". The webinar was intended to introduce the participants to the world of accessible smart cities and to showcase Israeli solutions.

The participants were greeted by the Israeli ambassador in Chile and other representatives of the embassy. At the webinar, Yuval Wagner, the founder of Access Israel explained the audience what an accessible smart city and, what it means and its importance. Following his presentation, Michal Rimon, the CEO of Access Israel presented concept of the "Human Ramp" and how people can fid solutions and help each other when they are aware of the importance of accessibility.

Moreover, Yovav Meydad, the Chief Growth and Marketing Manger of Moovit, presented their work and efforts to make cities around the world more accessible for people with disabilities. Then, Yael Shomron presented Step-Hear's solution to help people with disabilities to use public transport. Moreover, Or Cohen, the founder of Global Ramp spoke about his work in Chile and his approach to create an accessible inclusive environment. The webinar emphasized the opportunity which the accessibility fields present for international cooperation.
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