The Carmel Market


The Carmel Market (the Shuk HaCarmel) is the largest market, or shuk, in Tel Aviv. A vibrant marketplace where traders sell everything from clothing to spices, and fruit to electronics, visiting the Carmel Market is a fascinating thing to do in Tel Aviv

The hustle and bustle, vibrant noise, colors and smells, as well as its reputation as the largest authentic Middle-Eastern style shuk in Tel Aviv, all combine to make the Carmel Market a favorite place for everyone from first time tourists visiting the city, to locals who come here to get the freshest fruit and vegetables, and some of the cheapest products in the city.

The Carmel Market

The market can at first appear to be a little intimidating, with so many senses stimulated at once the sounds of the traders, the smells and flavors of the fresh produce, and sights of so many interesting things at once.

In recent years, The Carmel Market even joined the ranks of Tel Avivs trendy spots for bars, restaurants, coffee shops and chef-owned food stalls.

From hand-made Jachnun, a traditional Yemenite dish, to boutique cheeses, and from one-off cotton clothes to designer threads, HaCarmel has it all.

Plan your visit around your tastebuds and food preferences - salted fish, cured meats, Middle Eastern fare, fresh baked French pastries, and local-roasted coffee or fresh-pressed fruit or vegetable juice blends to wash it all down.

Opening Hours

The Carmel Market is open every day from Sunday to Friday from the early morning until around 7pm, with earlier closing on Friday, ahead of Shabbat. The end of the day can be an interesting time to visit, with traders offering sometimes crazy deals on produce.

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