The Old City of Jerusalem


The Old City of Jerusalem has recently undergone a partial process of accessibility. To complete the process, a printed map and a designated application called Accessible JLM were also produced

The printed map can be obtained free of charge at the Tourist Information Center at Jaffa Gate.

The new Old City accessibility aims to facilitate the crowded main streets and to enable wheelchair users (including strollers) and other mobility limited people to visit the holy sites of the city while adapting to the topographic and historical structure of the city streets to emergency vehicles and mobility aids.

In total, some four kilometers of streets in the Muslim, Armenian and Christian quarters have been made accessible, and about 2 km of handholds were installed alongside staircases, which constitute about 60% of all public roads.

Accessible JLM Application

An experiential application for preparing a personal route between the sites of the Old City.

Map of the Old City of Jerusalem, to navigate only on accessible routes. Especially suitable for handicapped and strollers. Presented by the Jerusalem office and the East Jerusalem Development Company.

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The Old City of Jerusalem

Audio Tours of Jerusalem Application

The Jerusalem Development Authority invites independent travelers to experience Jerusalem with their own personal audio guide using their phone. This application offers a choice of dozens of routes, and leads you round a variety of intriguing sites. All you have to do is walk and listen.

In the Old City there are 23 different fascinating routes. You can choose to wander round its narrow alleys, visit its colorful markets, or experience the tastes and aromas found only in Old Jerusalem. Perhaps take a journey in time to the heart of the city that has been a focus of religious and spiritual activity for thousands of years, or discover new and unique places, hidden from sight.

The tours include: Old City Wall Promenade, Markets, Mount of Olives, the Jewish Quarter, Christian Sites, and more.


** Five of the Old City tours are accessible to people with motor disabilities.
** All tours include written explanations for the hard-of-hearing.

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Navigating Jerusalem's Old City in a wheelchair / by Cory Lee >>

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