Caesarea National Park


The Caesarea Antiquities National Park presents a cultural continuity of 2,500 years of history, and therefore it is a site of national and international importance. The site preserves values of nature, landscape and historic legacy, and cultivates them for the coming generations.

Major Centers of Interest

  • The Theater site
  • The Roman theater
  • The reef palace
  • Display "Caesarea Experience"
  • Archaeological park
  • The Hippodrome site
  • Hippodrome, reconstructed frescoes and an ancient lavatory
  • Bath house
  • Sea-Shore promenade
  • The Old City and Port
  • The Crusader gate
  • Display "Time Travel"
  • The port and the old city
  • The Nymphaeum
  • The Sculptures Park east of the site

Activities for the General Public

  • Candelight night tours
  • Guided tours by the "Gan-Kehila" ("Park-Community") volunteers

Accessibility Details


In the Caesarea National Park adaptations to make the site accessible to people with disabilities are being made. Adaptations currently in place include:

  • The Roman Theater area
  • restroom
  • archeological garden
  • site model
  • promontory palace
  • hippodrome and the beach promenade leading to the port
  • the ancient city including ancient monuments

Contact us

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