Schedule | May 24th, 2023 | Access Israel's 13th International Webinar | On Accessible Tourism



16:00 – Opening and Accessibility Arrangements – Michal Rimon, CEO Access Israel

16:10 – Opening Statements -
Anna Konigseder, Director, Business Partnerships and Operations, Zero Project

16:15 – Igor Stefanovic, Specialist for Accessible Tourism, Ethics, Culture and Social Responsibility Department, UNWTO- International guidance tools as a win-win for tourism destinations and the industry

16:25 – Eric Lipp, Founder and CEO, Open Doors- Building the business case for accessible tourism

16:35 –
Yuval Wagner, Founder and Chairperson , Access Israel- Major barriers for a country to become fully accessible

16:50  Ivor Ambrose, Managing Director, ENAT - European Network for Accessible Tourism a.s.b.l.- The AccessibleEU Resource Centre: supporting the delivery of accessibility policies and legislation in the European Union

17:00 –  Aradhana Lal, Senior Vice President- Sustainability & ESG, Lemon Tree Hotels- Inclusion of persons with disability in the workforce at Lemon Tree Hotels

17:10 – Suzanne Edwards, Accessibility Standards Lead, Airbnb- Accessibility at Airbnb

17:25 – Fred Maahs, Founder and CEO, Maahs Travels- Accessibility challenges from the perspective of a tourist with disabilities

17:35 –
Nithi Subhongsang, Founder, Managing Director, Nutty's Adventures - Accessible Thailand - Tourism For All

17:40 – Linda Ristagno, Assistant Director External Affairs/ Global Accessibility and Tourism, IATA- Taking air travel accessibility to the next level

17:50–  Claudia Espana, Sr Analyst, Disability Inclusion & ADA Compliance, Royal Caribbean Group-Beyond Imagination: Making Cruise Ships Accessible

18:05 – Ed Warner, Founder & CEO, Motionspot- Designing innovative accessible hospitality

18:15 – Clare Minchin, Founder and CEO, Vumbua Africa- Accessible Africa

18:25 – Jeremy Buzzell, Manager, Park Accessibility for Visitors and Employees Program- National Park service perspectives on accessible and adaptive hiking

18:35 –Sonia Garcia-Fraile, Expert, Accessibility and Innovation Directorate, ONCE Foundation- Accessible Tourism: benefits of standardization


18:45 – Lioz Amar, Founder and CEO, Travaxy- Transforming travel sellers into accessibility experts automatically

18:55 –   Sasha Blair-Goldensohn, Google Maps Disability Inclusion Lead, Google


 19:05 – Neha Arora, Founder and CEO , Planet Abled- Global Standards for Inclusion for the Tourism and Hospitality Industry

19:15 –
Stephanie Sheehy, General Manager il Vinggio Travel- Costa Rica- Costa Rica for all

19:25-19:30 – Closing Remarks – Michal Rimon, CEO Access Israel

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