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Access Israel's 12th International Webinar

PART I – Policy and Strategy – Inclusive Employment

16:00-16:10 – Opening and Accessibility Arrangements

16:10-16:30 – Opening Statements

·        Daniela Bas, Director of the Division for Inclusive Social Development at the United Nation, UNDESA – Advancing to 2030 with Inclusive Employment – SDGs and more

·        Michael Pichler, Director, Zero Project Austria

·        Christopher Patnoe, EMEA Lead for Accessibility and Disability Inclusion, Google

16:30-16:40 – Luis Gallegos, President of Foundation GIA (Global Initiative on Ageing), Chair of the Board of UNITAR, Chair of the Board of G3ICT - Ageing Populations and the Future of Work

16:40-16:50 – Jurgen Menze, Inclusion Officer in the Gender, Equality and Diversity Branch, ILO - Peer-to-peer support among companies: Global and national business and disability networks

16:50-17:05 – Susan Scott-Parker, Founder, Business Disability International and Strategic Advisor to the ILO's Global Business Disability Network (GIZ) - Recruitment AI has a Disability Problem: Minimizing the Risks to Hundreds of Millions Triggered by AI Powered HR Technologies & Introducing the new ILO GBDN Self -Assessment benchmark: enabling disability equality worldwide, regardless of jurisdiction

17:05-17:15 – Yuval Wagner, Founder and Chairman of Access Israel - 2023 Challenges promoting employment of people with disabilities

17:15-17:25 – Claudia Piovano, CEO of Galileo Progetti Nonprofit Kft – European Good Practices in Work Integration of People with Disabilities

17:30-17:40 - Christina Curry, Commissioner of the NYC Mayor's Office for People with Disabilities – Promoting employment of workers with disabilities in NYC

17:40-17:50Krzysztof Czechowski, Editor-in-Chief of the Quarterly Disability - issues, problems, solutions, Office for Analyzes, Forecasts and International Cooperation- Poland- The role of the State Fund for Rehabilitation of the Disabled in the activation of disabled people in Poland

17:50-18:00 - Frances West, Founder of Frances West & Co - Investing in talent with disabilities: Why and how?



18:00-18:10 – Opening remarks Part II

·        Guy Simchi, Supervisor of the Employment of People with Disabilities, Histadrut – National Labor Organization – Presenting Best Practice of Inclusive Employment in Municipalities Model

18:10-18:20 – Stephane Leblois, Director of Partnerships, The Valuable 500

18:20-18:30 – Christine Hemphill, Founding and Managing Director, Open Inclusion - Fast Growing Inclusive Opportunities or New Threats of Exclusion from Distributed Work Models?

18:30-18:40 – Aya Mironi, Head of Business Solutions, FIVERR - Inclusive Employment Beyond FTE - How to Engage Freelance Talent with Disabilities

18:40-18:50 – Victor Calise, Director of Global Diversity, Equity and Inclusion, Walmart - Walmart's Accessibility Center of Excellence

18:50-19:00 – Rama Gheerawo, Director, the Helen Hamlyn Centre for Design, Royal College of Art, & Ivelina Gadzheva, Founder&Director Design for all Bulgaria Foundation

19:00-19:15 - Nima Kalantri, Programs Lead - Diversity, Equity and Inclusion, GOOGLE - Disability Inclusion in the Hiring Process and Beyond

19:15-19:25 – Amy Low, Service Delivery Director, AbilityNet- How Gap Analysis Can Improve Disability Inclusion in the Workplace

19:25-19:35 – Breandan Ward, Adjunct Assistant Professor, NYU - Enableism in Academia - 4 Ways Universities can Stimulate Greater Disability Inclusion in the World of Work

19:35-19:45 – Ilana Mushkin, Co-Founder and CEO , TA'AL - TA'AL Work-  Assistive Technology - Enabling Inclusivity in Employment for Workers with Cognitive Disabilities and Mental Health Issues

19:45-19:55 – Thorkil Sonne, Founder and Chair at Specialisterne Foundation- Inclusive employment of Neurodivergent People


19:55-20:00 – Closing Remarks








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