Call for Lecture Proposals - The 8th Access Israel International Conference



Call for Lecture Proposals 

Access Israel 8th Annual International Conference

September 8th -12th , 2022


Access Israel is a leading organization who strives to improve accessibility and inclusion globally through learning, development and knowledge sharing strategies. The organization leads an ecosystem which includes hundreds of organizations: startups, multinational corporations, NGOs, governmental and public organizations, international organizations, and individual professional experts.

Access Israel has gained a consultative status with the UN's Economic and Social Council (ECOSOC) 5 years ago and has been active in the promotion of the UN's Social Development Goals (SDGs) to advance accessibility. Furthermore, Access Israel is an official accessibility consultant to the UN's World Food Program.

Further international work includes knowledge partnerships with various organizations such as FAISR – Friends of Access Israel, Zero Project, and The Valuable 500 and many more distinguished organizations. Access Israel is the official representative in Israel for G3ICT & IAAP. We host international webinars which have already attracted thousands of viewers, and from 2022 onwards, we are the proud hosts of the Global Accessibility and Inclusion Leaders' Summit.


Access Israel Annual International Conference is known as one of the best international events in the accessibility field, not only due to its content, lectures and side events, but also the sharing of groundbreaking technologies from the startup nation and worldwide, and the deep connection established between colleagues, enhanced by the Access Israel's vision of openness, newcomers as well as industry seniors all learn from one another.



Access Israel’s 8th International Conference will take place in Israel, during September 8th -12th of 2022 and will include various exciting events over five days. This year's conference focuses on “The Future of Accessibility - Tourism, Transportation, Culture and Leisure”.

Main lectures will take place on September 11th -12th , 2022


In addition to being an innovative professional conference, Access Israel offers unique events, opportunities to create close relationships and connections with leading accessibility executives and professionals from government, corporate and the NGO sectors, from around the world. Enhanced by the Access Israel's vision of openness, the conference is an amazing platform, for establishment of new contacts, the enhancement of older ones and reaching new heights of innovation through inter-organizational exchange of knowledge, of newcomers as well as industry seniors.  

Goals and Objectives:

·       Promoting global accessibility and inclusion

·       Share knowledge and best practices with accessibility and inclusion leaders and professionals involved in the field

·       Networking opportunity for all those dealing with accessibility

·       Strengthen the community of accessibility leaders, experts and advocates


The Themes:

·       Developments in the field of accessibility

·       The challenges of the near future and possible solutions

·       The challenges of making future technologies accessible by design

·       Innovative, models, projects and best practices of accessibility implementations in large organizations

·       Innovative and unique accessibility design projects

·       Innovative technologies that improve accessibility

·       Promoting the UN's Sustainable Development Goals


The Conference will include:

·       A comprehensive and professional conference with +1,000 participants and speakers, global accessibility leaders and experts

·       Professional workshops and panels to learn and share global knowledge

·       Delegations and representatives from more than 25 countries and +500 organizations from around the world

·       An exhibition with accessibility technologies and innovations

·       Experiential events


Call for Proposal to Submit Offers to Lecture in the 8th Annual Conference on “The Future of Accessibility - Tourism, Transportation, Culture and Leisure”


We invite you to send us unique and innovative lecture proposals that will excite participants and enable them to learn new aspects of accessibility and inclusion and enable better implementation of accessibility!


·       New, innovative, best practices, models, projects of accessibility implementations in large organizations

·       New, innovative, unique and universal accessibility design projects

·       The challenges of the next few years and possible solutions

·       Challenges of making future technologies accessible by design

·       Innovative technologies improving accessibility

·       Developments in the field of accessibility

·       Ideas for topics to be discussed at roundtables with professionals

·       Ideas for professional workshops and trainings

·       innovations and solutions of accessibility and inclusion


In the fields of (but not limited to):

o   Tourism [hospitality, restaurant, National Parks and Nature Reserves, theme parcs]

o   Transportation [aviation, shipping, busses, taxis, rental cars

o   Culture &Leisure [cinema, museums, performance halls, theatre]

o   Smart cities

o   Education

o   Employment

o   Technology

o   Accessible organizations / services



Submit your Proposal by mail to –


Deadline for the submission: July 15th, 2022






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