Awareness Raising Activities by Access Israel


Awareness Raising Activities by Access Israel


Making Inclusion Reality by Promoting Social Accessibility Inclusion through awareness activities all over the country.


Access Israel believes that the most effective way to create a social change is to educate people on the importance of accessibility and inclusion for people with disabilities. The goal is to enable the audience to feel, learn and experience the importance of accessibility and inclusion on a personal level. In our experience, experiencing the daily struggles that people with disabilities face daily, best demonstrates the importance of accessibility and inclusion. Moreover, meeting people with disabilities and learning about their stories and struggles, helps break the barrier between abled and disabled people and creates a more inclusive society. 


"Feeling Accessibility" event, a big fair that takes place in Tel Aviv Port. The goal of this event is to raise awareness for accessibility and inclusion for people with disabilities. 

Random people experiencing wheelchair basketball in “Feel Accessibility” event


Random people experiencing blindfolded goal ball in “Feel Accessibility” event

One of the most popular campaigns by Access Israel – wheelchairs parking in car parking spots. On their backs there are common excuses usually told by drivers when parking in accessible parking spots.

Accessible Future at Expo Dubai 2020.
Expo Dubai, as an international exhibition, presents a prime platform to promote significant issues and to showcase innovations.

The award-winning Urban Obstacles Accessibility Trail for experiencing challenges of wheelchair users

An activity at the Agamon Hula-JNF Nature and Birding Park in northern Israel, where kids assist blind people walk around the pond. This activity is a part of the Independent Living Center by Access Israel. The center established in 2010 in the Galilee with the help of the JDC (Joint Distribution Committee) . Every year the center provides services and activities to almost a thousand people. Therefore, it is vital for the citizens in the area

Children experiencing blind tasting of ice cream understand the challenges of blind people while getting an opportunity to meet and talk to a blind person



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