Access Israel's 8th International Webinar | Schedule in Israeli time


Schedule for Access Israel's 8th International Webinar

Inclusive Accessible Smart Cities

April 12, 2021

16:00 – 16:25 – Opening remarks

·        Michal Rimon, CEO, Access Israel, Israel

·        Luis Gallegos, Chairman, G3ict, Ecuador

·        Anna Königseder, Process Manager & Business Manager, Zero Project, Austria

·        U.S Embassy 

16:25-16:35James Thurston, Vice President, G3ICT, USA - Smart Cities for All - The Newest Models

16:35-16:45Yuval Wagner, Founder and Chairperson, Access Israel, Israel – Implementing accessible smart cities in Israel

16:45-16:55 - Sergio Vinistki, VISERCO CEO & Smartcity Expo World Congress Barcelona Delegate for Israel, Israel - Smartcities - Best Services for Smart Citizens

16:55-17:05 -  Richard Streitz, Chief Operating Officer, Ruh Global, USA - Accessibility and inclusion from Disney parks to Smart Cities.

17:05-17:15 Megan Goddard, Accessibility Sr Program Manager, Accessibility Engineering at Google, USA - Google Maps and Accessible Cities

17:15 – 17:25Yael Shomron, Global Marketing Manager, Step Hear, Israel - Smart Step for Smart Cities

17:25-17:35 Jose Luis Borau Jordan, Head of the Department of Accessibility to the Physical Environment, ONCE, Spain - Smart Human City Concept

17:35-17:45 Ed Summers, Director of Accessibility, SAS Institute, USA - Challenges and solutions for equal access to data

17:45-18:00 –  Yovav Meidad, Chief Growth and Marketing Manager, Moovit, Israel - Making cities accessible for all

18:00-18:10 –  Quemuel Arroyo, Chief Accessibility Officer at State of NY Metropolitan Transportation Authority, USA - New York City Subway station lab for accessible innovation

18:10-18:20 –  Yariv Bash, Co-Founder & CEO, Flytrex, Israel - The role of drones on accessible smart cities

18:20-18:30  Anat Caspi, Director Taskar Center for Accessible Technology, University of Washington, USA - AI for accessible side walks

18:30-18:40 – Haim Pinto, CTO Business Architecture Israel, CISCO, Israel – Remote Health

18:40-18:50 -  Rene Perkins, CEO & Co-Founder, CityMaaS, UK – Mobility Map - A digitally inclusive journey

18:50-19:00 –  Faustino Cuadrado Capitán, CEO, Mass Factory Urban Accessible Mobility, S.L., Spain

19:00-19:10 - Carlo Castellano, CEO, PARK4DIS, Spain

19:10-19:20 – Rushi Rama, Smart Cities Lead, World Economic Forum, USA - The G20 WEF Smart City initiative  19:20-19:30 – Michal Rimon, CEO, Access Israel - Closing Remarks

19:20-19:30 – Michal Rimon, CEO, Access Israel - Closing Remarks

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