Gilad Adin



Yuval Wagner
Founder and President of Access Israel 



Michal Rimon
CEO of Access Israel




Ziv Aviram- Founding Partner, President and CEO of OrCam







Victor Calise
Commissioner for People of Disabilities, New York City



James Thurston
Vice President Global Strategy and Development G3ICT




Joel Snyder
Director, Audio Description Project, American Council of the Blind



Avrami Torm
Commissioner for People of Disabilities, Ministry of Justice







Dr. Nurit Noy
Accessibility consultant




Orna Eran





Architect Sagit Hakla
Accessibility consultant 




Shay Lee Shpigelman
Chief of 'Digital Israel', Ministry for Social Equality 






Dr. Shira Yalon Haimovich
Dean of Students and Head of the Center for Equal Education, Ono Academic College




Yali Admati

A strategic consultant, specializes in dealing effectively with the reality of business uncertainty     





Ido Har-Tov

CEO of Gitam









Ben Avraham

National security officer and accessibility coordinator, Amot Investments LTD



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