The 6th Access Israel Annual Convention


The 6th Access Israel Annual Conference on
“Innovation and the Future of Accessibility”


Access Israel works to promote accessibility and integration into society for people with disabilities and the elderly, in order to improve their quality of life as well as their families’.

One of the organization’s key events is the Access Israel's Annual International Conference.


We are now living in an age in which the physical accessibility is broadly accepted, and is increasingly implemented in more organizations, authorities and businesses. Many have completed the implementation process and are now moving to the next stage- long term maintenance of accessibility. Some even aspire to excel in this field.

Please click here to get an impression of last year’s conference.

In addition, the speed of development and emergence of new innovations is continuously increasing in every field of our lives. More products and services are becoming digital, and our lives are increasingly filled with technology.

Alongside significant advancements, there are some areas where the path to accessibility remains long and challenging.

The Main Topics of Discussion in the Conference:

  • Transition from implementing to maintaining and excelling in accessibility
  • The challenge of making the technological system more accessible
  • Development trends in the field of accessibility in Israel

Every year, the conference serves as a gathering point for all professionals in the field of accessibility. In this conference we will enrich our knowledge, meet new colleagues, and find new ways to influence our society in the field of accessibility.

The Conference’s Objectives:

  • To continue the work of promoting accessibility in public spaces and ensuring the trend of growth persists into the future
  • To enhance the knowledge and professionalism of stake holders engaged in this field
  • To provide a networking opportunity for all those working, and interested in accessibility in Israel


The Conference will include:

  • A compound with original and experiential workshops
  • An exhibition for accessibility developments & technologies
  • An extensive professional conference for 800 participants, with leading speakers from Israel and abroad
  • Professional workshops

The Target Group of the Convention:

  • 800-1000 participants
  • Authorized accessibility professionals for buildings, infrastructures, environment and services, accessibility and equality supporters, legal consultants, purchase managers, technological entrepreneurs, website and IT managers, and application developers
  • Professionals from the smart city field, architecture and interior design, health, education, tourism, culture, sports, human resources, corporate responsibility and guidance


For more information

please contact Michal Fruchtman

Tel: 972-50-8800900



The conference will take place on 29.4.18 at Avenue, Airport City, at 8:00 am.

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