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Awareness to Accessibility & inclusion

Awareness is crucial for any organization in order to successfully promote it's missions. Wager Yuval, President and Founder Access Israel Org

Finally approved by the Knesset: Proper representation for workers with disabilities in public agencies and organizations of at least 5%

a woman in wheelchair works in an office
On August 3, the Knesset's Plenum passed a new law under which, every public agency and organization employing 100 workers or more must employ people with substantial disabilities that would represent at least 5% of its work force

New in Israel: regulations for physical accessing of health facilities

A nurse and a patient in a wheelchair
The new regulations were approved On March 8, and mandate physical accessing of buildings and their surrounding in all hospitals, clinics, HMO facilities, Ministry of Health buildings as well as other key clinics of imaging testing, child development and the like

New regulations: academic institutions are obligated to ensure accessibility

Graduates throwing academic hats into the air
On March 22, 2016, Israel passed new regulations, under which academic institution are obligated to ensure accessibility to people with disabilities

All web sites to be accessible in Israel by October 2017

Accessibility Badge
Israel is the only country committed to making internet websites and mobile applications accessible to people with disabilities

Access Israel Organization was granted the status of a 'Special Adviser' to the UN's Economic and Social Committee!

meeting of UN's Economic and social Committee
On May 25, 'Access Israel' was granted the status of 'Special Adviser' to UN's Economic and social Committee (ECOSOC), UN's leading forum of economic and social policy in many countries around the world
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