‘The Valuable 500’ Global Movement Adds Keter to Prestigious Shortlist of companies Committed to Advancing Disability Business Inclusion


‘The Valuable 500’ global movement announced that Keter is now a part of the prestigious shortlist of international companies and organizations that are working to advance accessibility and disability business inclusion.

The Valuable 500 advocates for policy change on disability inclusion in the labor market by bringing up the issues on the agenda of member companies, as well as by offering real opportunities for people with disabilities to integrate in the company as equal workers. The Valuable 500 lists companies and organizations which have been proven to meet the conditions of what constitutes meaningful action in this field.

Keter is one of 500 global companies that have been marked as working toward this important cause, among these are Microsoft, Google and Unilever. Keter was selected on the merit of its actions and its commitment to further accessibility and the inclusion of people living with disabilities in society. As part of its actions, Keter has presented a cross-company plan to implement its special accessibility program. This will involve, among other things, installing wheelchair lifts and making production facilities more accessible; cooperating with Hameshakem, a company that specializes in the integration of of people with disabilities in the world of work; and of course, choosing for the second year in a row four female Paralympic athletes as the brand ambassadors, while providing them with full financial and moral support as they compete in the upcoming Tokyo Paralympic Games.

Keter, the world’s largest manufacturer of consumer products made from resin-based, recyclable plastic and other advanced materials, was founded in Israel in 1948 on the values of innovation, entrepreneurship and groundbreaking design. Keter’s innovation and development centers are located in Israel, as are 8 of its 21 global factories. The company employs 5000 employees worldwide and operates in 100 countries. Keter Israel employs 2500 workers of all religious backgrounds, all working together in an honest display of coexistence and comradeship. Together they form a global, innovative company that is a source of true Israeli pride.

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