The importance of using transparent masks, professional recommendations – and also: Where can you buy them?

woman with transparent mask

Masks of this kind improve and make communication between the medical staff and patients easier and specifically in the service and care of patients with hearing disabilities that read lips. Since we can assume that health care organizations won't switch completely to the use of only see through masks –We have gathered all the important information you might need and that is important to know.

Access Israel recommends the following:

  • It is recommended to buy a stock of transparent masks for the correct and smart use of masks.
  • When purchasing the masks It's recommended to check the quality of the mask Does the mask create fog when breathing? Is it flexible? Comfortable for the face when wearing it? How do the lips look for the patient? And of course, how effective does it protect from the virus.
  • Make sure they are available at the reception and where patients are greeted such as the audience reception.
  • Make sure the masks are available at all departments, clinics and institutes.
  • Use the mask when a patient with disability asks for it and\or the medical staff decided to use it.
  • Hang a sign that notifies the patients and the staff on the availability of the masks and how to use it.
  • Crate an organizational procedure on the subject of the see-through masks and advertise it.
  • Instruct the staff on the use of these masks.

Where can you buy these masks?


In Israel:

Ravit from the Mehalev Company : 

The Keter Company manufactures it: ACE

The Association of the Deaf in Israel, Eti Schwartzberg

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