Jamie Lassner and Alan Brown talk about COVID-10 and FAISR


In the video Alan Brown, Board Member of FAISR and Director of Public Impact for the Reeve Foundation talks about his injury and how he became wheelchair bound which changed his live completely

Jamie Lassner, the General Director of FAISR, and Alan talk discuss the impact that COVID-19 has on people and how it makes people feel powerless and vulnerable. Alan Brown says that in order to navigate during this difficult time, we need to find a new normal. Alan recommends to get all the information you can get, inform yourself on the protocol and the regulations, as having information helps to reduce anxiety.

Further, Alan and Jamie suggests to "take one day at a time", reach out to people, help others and find a cause you believe in. When a crisis like this happens, make sure you are there to help your friends and families.


Watch the full interview:




Friends of Access Israel (FAISR) is an organization established in 2019 with the goal to promote accessibility and inclusion for people with disabilities and the elderly in the United States by sharing and promoting Access Israel's best practices and experience gathered over the years. All this with the goal to create a society that leaves no one behind.

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