Commissioner for people with disabilities in New York, Victor Calise speaks about accessibility during COVID-19


FAISR (Friends of Access Israel) interviewed Victor Calise, Commissioner of the New York City Mayor's Office for People with Disabilities to discuss accessibility during COVID-19. Victor spoke about his life and his work ensuring that New York City is accessible and inclusive for people with all kinds of disabilities. Victor works continuously in his role as commissioner to make sure that no one is left behind, like he said "We are trying to ensure that everything the city does has a disability lens".

Watch the full interview:


Friends of Access Israel (FAISR)
is an organization established in 2019 with the goal to promote accessibility and inclusion for people with disabilities and the elderly in the United States by sharing and promoting Access Israel's best practices and experience gathered over the years. All this with the goal to create a society that leaves no one behind.

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