Introducing the Global Sharing of Accessibility and Inclusion Website


We are happy to introduce with you the website for "Global Sharing of Accessibility and Inclusion"

COVID-19 emphasized that people with disabilities and the elderly face similar problems around the world and that each country is developing their initiatives to solve them.

The global network of accessibility and inclusion is incredible with many amazing projects to promote this cause!

We can use this combined knowledge and experience to help one another move the accessibility journey forward and create a world that is accessible and inclusive for all and fulfill the United Nation's Sustainable Development Goals.

This website enhances the sharing of knowledge of Access Israel's International Webinars that have been successful with over 250 participants from over 55 different countries in each one of them.

Share your projects

The platform enables you to share your projects with the global Eco-System of accessibility and inclusion.

The idea of this website is that everyone can share their successful projects with the accessibility network.

Talk accessibility

In addition, we created a section that is called "Talk accessibility" that is a platform where everyone can ask a question and answer other people's questions.

The goal is that we can help each other with accessibility questions.

How to start

  • Visit the Global Sharing of Accessibility and Inclusion" website, by clicking on this link.
  • Create your profile
  • Start sharing your projects under "case studies", here.
  • Start a conversation by asking your questions in "talk accessibility", here.

We are looking forward to your contributions and hope there will be lively discussions!

If you have any questions, please don't hesitate to contact: Sharon Kessler;

Your Access Israel Team


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