Yoocan, TOM, Access Israel Host Showcase & Competition for Assistive Technologies Startups

Moshe Gaon (yoocan CEO) presenting at the competit
Moshe Gaon (yoocan CEO) presenting at the competit

TEL AVIV, ISRAEL: On April 29, 2018 at the Access Israel innovation conference in Tel Aviv, seven companies (Freewill, User Accessibility, Right-Hear, Equal Web, Project Ray, Make Sense & Step Hear) competed for the “best presentation”. The winner was Right-Hear, an accessibility solution for people who are blind or visually impaired that enables them to acquire a better orientation in indoor spaces.

This competition was a beta test for the global competition yoocan, TOM & Access Israel plan to launch in the coming year for early stage assistive technology start-ups.


Moshe Gaon, founder and CEO of yoocan who led the panel, said “it’s time for a global competition celebrating assistive innovation from around the world. The idea is to allow early stage startups to gain awareness and access to investors and potential partners through participation in a competition similar to any other space in the hi-tech industry. We at yoocan see our global collaborative community as the leading platform to share knowledge, information and innovation. This new initiative for a global competition will be a natural development in our vision to make yoocan a leading driver and accelerator of assistive techniques growth and promote innovation. We invite global corporations and organizations to join us in this initiative.”


Gidi Grinstein, Moshe Gaon & Yuval Wagner
Gidi Grinstein (TOM), Moshe Gaon (yoocan) & Yuval Wagner (Access Israel)


Yoocan is the #1 global collaborative community for experiences and knowledge by and for people with disabilities, so no one feels alone.

TOM is a global movement of communities connecting Makers and people with disabilities developing open-source solutions for neglected challenges.

Access Israel is the first non-profit organization in Israel whose main mission is to promote accessibility and inclusion to improve the quality of life of people with disabilities and the elderly.

For more information contact Moshe: moshe@yoocantech.com


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