All web sites to be accessible in Israel by October 2017


Israel is the only country committed to making internet websites and mobile applications accessible to people with disabilities.

The "Equal Rights for People with Disabilities Act" passed in 2013, includes regulations for making all services accessible to people with disabilities.

Regulation 35 of above act, makes it mandatory to provide accessibility to all websites and applications which provide service and/or information to the public including but not limited to Municipalities, Businesses, Government Agencies, Non Profit Organizations, etc.

Websites have to provide accessibility according to Israeli Standard #5568 which forwards to guidelines published by W3C organization Document – WCAG2.0.

As of October 2015 every new website / application has to be accessible when launched and Until October 2017 all existing websites / application have to be upgraded to AA level of WCAG2.0 accessibility guidelines.

Access Israel (NPO) promotes accessibility and inclusion for people with disabilities in Israel. Regarding web site and application accessibility, Access Israel Org promotes public awareness including conferences, courses, and advertising. For example the production of commercials which were shown on TV and the Internet.

In addition, Access Israel manages a database of accessible Israeli websites and awards "Accessibility Badge" to websites that were made accessible



:Accessibility Badges






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