The Rules of the Access Israel Prize for 2018 in Memory of Simcha Lustig

Simcha Lustig

The rules attached as a pdf file at the end of the page*

Simcha Lustig (Peace be upon him)


Simcha Lustig was born in 1937 in Tel Aviv. As a child, he was a member and councilor in the Boy Scouts. Lustig, of blessed memory, completed his studies in the Ironi Alef High School. He went on to be a founding member of Kibbutz Gonen in the Golan Heights, which was created on behalf of the  BoyScouts. Lustig served in the 88th Battalion of the Nachal Paratroopers. On March 1957, during an operation near the Egyptian border, between the Western Negev Region and the Gaza Strip, he was critically wounded by a gun shot in his back and was paralyzed in both his legs. Lustig was hospitalized for six months, two of which he was in a coma.


During his rehabilitation period, Lustig began to participate in disabled sports. Lustig engaged in various fields of sports. He was a member of Beit HaLochem in Tel Aviv, participated in the Paralympic Games for Israel in 1960 and 1964, and was Israels national champion for table tennis for the disabled. In addition, he raced sailboats.

In 1959 Lustig’s father died, and he inherited his familys diamond business. While he developed his business, Lustig was involved in public activities in the diamond industry and served as vice president of the Israel Diamond Institute, as well as a member of the Israel Diamond Manufacturers Association. Between 2003 and 2006, he served as the chairman of the Israel Diamond Institute and was granted the title of “Honorary Member of the Diamond Industry in 2008 by the Diamond Institute.

Lustig was engaged in public activities for expanding employment possibilities for people with disabilities, including in the field of diamonds, and served as a member of the managing committee of Access Israel. Simcha Lustig was married to Naomi and was the father of two daughters, Tamar and Daphna. He was buried in Kfar Shamryahu in 2009, where they lived.


Israel Access Prize


The Israel Access Prize (hereinafter: the Prize) will be awarded at the 6th Israel Access Conference, which will be held on the 29th of April 2018.

The prize will be awarded to the project, building, park, product, service, design or enterprise that best promotes the accessibility and integration of people with disabilities into society in an inspirational manner, and which will serve as a great example of accessibility (hereinafter: the Competition").


Who can Submit Candidacy


The following are entitled to apply: architects, designers, accessibility professionals who oversee buildings, infrastructures, environment and services, entrepreneurs, companies, organizations, governmental authorities and activists in the field of accessibility.

Workers of Access Israel (registered NGO number: 58-034120-4) (hereinafter: the NGO” or “the Competition Organizer), the NGO members, the members of the management committee of the NGO, as well as the members of the monitoring committee of the NGO, including anyone on their behalf, shall not submit candidacy for the prize. This prohibition will apply also to any organization in which they, workers of the NGO, are members and/or serve in various roles, as well as the family members of the above. Family members of the NGO members may apply.

"A family member" for this purpose is defined as a spouse, brother, sister, parent, grandparent, child or step-child or a spouse of any of the above.


How to Submit Candidacy


The application will be submitted in writing via the application form attached to this document. The application form will be submitted in Hebrew.

The following documents shall be added to the application form (hereinafter: the Additional Documents"):


·         Information about the applicant or organization (up to 200 words):

·         Details regarding the accessibility project for which the application form was submitted (hereinafter: “the Project”), including description of the Project, its location and the persons involved in it; this should emphasize the Project’s goal, target group and advantages (up to 350 words):

·         Photos, a short presentation, sketches (will be presented on a maximum of 10 slides), in addition to a short film about the subject for which the prize will be awarded (with a 3- minute run time):

·         Declaration from the candidates that they have not been convicted of any offence that has infamy, and that they are not undergoing a process of liquidation;

·         Documents demonstrating proper corporate management if the candidacy request is submitted on behalf of an organization.

·         Photocopy of the ID Card of the submitter and/or the official incorporation documents of the organization;

·         At least two letters of recommendation from a third party, which explain the unique contribution of the project (each recommendation should be signed and submitted in writing).



The application form and the attached documents shall be sent to Michal Fruchtman - Access Israel, to the following email:

Last Date to Submit Candidacy


 The deadline for submissions for the prize will be the 1st of March 2018.



The Prize


The winners of the Access Israel Prize will be declared at the 6th Access Israel Conference, which will take place on the 29th of April 2018, at Avenue, Airport City (hereinafter: the Conference). The activities and contribution of the winners will be presented at the conference podium.


Recipients of the  1st, 2nd and 3rd  place prizes will receive a prestigious title.

In addition, the candidate who receives 1st  place will receive funding for his travel to attend the Zero Project Conference, which will take place in Vienna, Austria, in February 2019.


At least one of the prizes will be granted for a technological project which promotes accessibility.

Should one of the three prize recipients not be able to attend the prize ceremony, they will be entitled to appoint a representative on their behalf, who will receive the prize. They must notify the NGO in this regard in advance in writing, and state the name of the representative who will arrive on their behalf.

The prize to be awarded as a result of the competition is personal and cannot be transferred to another person, replaced, changed or exchanged for money and/or equal reward and/or any other reward or product.

The organizer of the competition maintains the right, upon his exclusive discretion and at any given moment, to add, diminish or change the prize, and offer an alternative prize.

In the case of loss or malfunction in a prize that was distributed and/or in its manner of implementation, due to a technical malfunction or defect and/or human error, or in the event that damage was caused to the winner of the prize relating to the prize given to him, this shall not form the basis for any complaint and/or claim and/or lawsuit against the organizer of the competition and/or anyone on his behalf, and no claim and/or lawsuit shall be made against them regarding the quality of the given prize.

A winner who does not use the prize, for any reason, shall not be entitled for reimbursement and/or compensation and/or any other equal reward, and the judges committee shall be entitled to determine that the prize will be transferred to another participant whose project matches the conditions of the competition, all according to the decision of the judges committee (hereinafter: the Alternative Winner). To remove all doubt, it is hereby clarified that the judges committee will be entitled to not transfer the prize to an alternative winner, all upon their exclusive discretion, and he shall have no complaint or claim and/or lawsuit for this matter.


An alternative winner who will not use the prize as mentioned above, for any reasons whatsoever, will not be entitled to reimbursement and/or compensation or any other equal reward, and shall relinquish all complaints and/or claims and/or lawsuits in this regard.



The Nomination Committee



·         For the nomination of the prize winners, the NGO shall appoint a nomination committee, which will include 5 members at the most (hereinafter: “the Committee” or “the Nomination Committee”).

·         The names of the committee members shall remain discrete until the publication of the names of the winners.

·         The nomination committee will gather one or more times, upon necessity, to examine the nominees and deliberate on the persons entitled to receive the prize.

·         The nomination committee will choose the winning project based on the following criterions:

o    Level of entrepreneurship

o    Level of innovation in the project

o    Level of accessibility and usability of the project

o    Level of feasibility and its implementation for the target group

o    The contribution of the project to the improvement of accessibility

o    Number of persons benefitting from the project

·         The 3 projects to receive the highest grade will be nominated as the winners of the competition and shall win prizes as detailed above.

·         The nomination committee will document its discussions and the procedure of choosing the nominees winning the prize in a written document (hereinafter: “the Protocol”). The protocol shall remain discrete at all times, including after a decision was received and the winners were declared.

·         The decisions of the committee shall be made upon the agreement of its members. A committee member will be entitled to demand that decisions are finalized using a vote. In such a case, the committee’s decisions will be determined according to a simple majority.

·         Up to the declaration of the names of the winners by the NGO, the committee members will maintain the discretion of the decisions.

·         Decision will be made by the committee according to the criterions detailed in this document, in good faith and without ulterior motives.

·         A nominee wishing to inquire why his project did not win, will submit to the NGO a written request, and following a reasonable amount of time, the NGO shall send him a written explanation.





1.    Participation in the competition is subject to the conditions detailed in this document.

2.    Without diminishing of the above, the organizer of the competition may, upon his exclusive discretion, postpone the last date to submit candidacy for the prize, as well as cancel the competition, for any reason whatsoever, at any time, by providing a notice of change or cancelation as mentioned above, which shall be published on the NGO’s website ( Any change will apply from the moment it was published on the NGO’s website, and in any way the organizer chooses to publish it. The organizers of the competition and/or anyone on their behalf will not be responsible or liable for their decision as mentioned above.


3.    The details of the competition and its rules will be as detailed in this document. In the event that a contradiction was found between the clauses detailed here and any other publication, this document shall supersede.


4.    This document will be available on the NGO’s website:


5.    The organizer of the competition reserves the right to change and/or amend the document in its entirety or specific paragraphs within it at any time, and it is the responsibility of the participants to ensure that they are updated.


6.    By participating in this competition, the participant confirms that they have read the document, understood its instructions and undertakes to fulfill all conditions of the competition as detailed in the document.


7.    The competition organizer prohibits the submission of projects that include an infringement of any law and/or impose harm to the right of any 3rd party whatsoever. In this regard, the organizer of the competition may disqualify any person/organization from the competition at any state due to usage of materials of the aforementioned.


8.    Participation in the competition is under the sole responsibility of its participants. The organizer of the competition and/or anyone on his behalf will not bear the responsibility for any damage, of any kind whatsoever, which may be caused to any of the participants in the competition due to and/or in relation to their participation in the competition.


9.     A participant who signed up for the competition undertakes to compensate the organizer of the competition and/or anyone on his behalf, for any damage, loss, lawsuit, legal expenses and lawyer fees of 3rd parties against them, if he breached, directly or indirectly, the instructions of the document.


10.  The organizer of the competition may decide on the disqualification of a participant in the competition and/or the winner of the prize, even after the prize’s awarding, according to the decision of the nomination committee and/or anyone on its behalf appointed for this purpose. This shall be based on the claim that the participants and/or the winner of the competition are not competent and/or worthy of the prize and/or were found to be acting against the instructions of the document and/or acted in means that are not proper and not suitable, in order to win the competition and receive the prize. In the event that such a decision was made regarding a winner who already received the prize, the organizer of the competition may demand the return of the prize. The winner shall not refute this decision and/or submit a claim for his damage against the organizer of the competition in lieu of his decision, as mentioned above. 


11.  By publishing this project as mentioned in this document, the participants grant the competition’s organizer a free, international license, non-restricted in time, to copy, distribute, sell, market, forward to the public, process, edit and use the content of the project in any way, upon the discretion of the competition’s organizer, on the website of the competition’s organizer and his Facebook page, via print, digital media, or any media whatsoever, and the participant relinquishes any lawsuit and/or claim and/or demand towards the competition organizer regarding the usage of the project’s content. The participants shall not be entitled to any reward due to the project’s content and shall not have any claim and/or demand and/or laws regarding the infringement of copyrights and/or any demand for payment for using the project’s contents as mentioned above.


12.  Forwarding the content of a project that is not under the ownership of the participant and/or constitutes a copyright infringement and/or harms a person’s privacy and/or any civil wrong against a 3rd party, is strictly forbidden, and full responsibility for publishing contents as mentioned above is exclusively on the participants. Every participant declares that the project’s content does not harm any right of any 3rd party, including but without diminishing from the above, according to the Privacy Law of 1931 and/or the Copyright Law of 2003 and/or the Libel Law of 1933 and/or any other law.


13.  By participating in the competition, the participant states and confirms that he read the entire document and agrees to its instructions.

14.  In any case, the participants relinquish any claim and/or demand and/or lawsuit against the competition’s organizer and/or anyone on his behalf and/or any other entity related to the competition, for any matter and purpose related directly or indirectly to the competition, including but without diminishing from the generality of the above, in anything related to the manner of nominating the winner, receiving the prizes and the prizes themselves.

15.  The law applies to this document and anything deriving from it is the Israeli law only. Exclusive judicial authority is given to the authorized courts in the Tel Aviv Region only. The prescription period for each lawsuit against the competition’s organizer in any matter deriving directly and/or indirectly from participating in the competition is a year after the competition ended.

16.  The usage of male form in this document is for convenience only. In addition, everything written in male form applies to females as well.

  Application Form for Receiving the Accessibility Prize of 2018
  The Rules of the Access Israel Prize for 2018 in Memory of Simcha Lustig
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