Access Israel’s 6 Annual Conference on “Innovation and the Future of Accessibility” - Sponsorship Opportunity


Access Israel works to promote accessibility and social integration for the elderly and people living with disabilities, in order to improve their, and their families’ quality of life.

One of the organization's key events is the Access Israel's Annual International Conference.

Please click here for an impression of last year’s conference.

The Conference’s Objectives:

  • To continue the work of promoting accessibility in public spaces and ensuring the trend of growth persists into the future
  • To enhance the knowledge and professionalism of stake holders engaged in this field
  • To provide a networking opportunity for all those working, and interested in accessibility in Israel

We now live in a time when the importance of physical accessibility is broadly accepted, and across governmental authorities, community organizations, and private businesses, adjustments to, and improvements for access are increasingly being implemented. Many organizations are now looking forward to long term maintenance of accessibility to their services, and some are now aspiring to excellence in this field.

Today, the number of developments and innovations in the arena of accessibility are growing in every field of our lives. Many of the products and services, which connect service providers to their customers are now via digital platforms, and our lives are increasingly filled with technology.

Alongside significant advancements, there are some areas where the path to accessibility remains long and challenging.


The Main Topics of Discussion in the Conference:

  • The transition from uptake to maintenance of excellence in accessibility
  • The challenge posed by the technological future as it relates to accessibility
  • Trends in the development of accessibility in Israel

Every year, the conference serves as a meeting point for all professionals in the field of accessibility. In this conference we will enrich our knowledge, meet new colleagues, and find new ways to influence society to continue the progress in accessibility.

The Conference will include:

  • A series of original and experiential trails
  • An exhibition of accessibility developments & technologies
  • The only exhibition of access providers in Israel
  • An extensive professional conference for 800 participants, with leading speakers from Israel and abroad
  • Professional workshops

The Target Group of the conference:

  • 800-1000 participants
  • Authorized accessibility professionals for buildings, infrastructures and services, accessibility and equality trustees, legal consultants, purchase managers, technology entrepreneurs, website and IT managers, and application developers
  • Professionals from the fields of smart cities, architecture and interior design, health, education, tourism, culture, sports, human resources, corporate responsibility and training

Invitation to provide sponsorship:

We are offering the opportunity to provide sponsorship for this conference, and in doing so gain exposure for your business, its services and products.

The Benefits of Providing Sponsorship:

  • This is the best chance to promote your business in Israel and conduct sales - as we will have all your potential clients and partners engaged and in one place.
  • This is your chance to increase exposure to your brand, its products and services.
  • This is your chance to become a partner in, and gain association with the concept of accessibility in Israel.

’t miss this significant opportunity to gain exposure in Israel!

For more information

please contact Michal Fruchtman

Tel: 050-8800900


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