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Access Israel - promotional video

Access Israel - promotional video
Access Israel was established in 1999 and has been working vigorously ever since to promote accessibility in all aspects of life for all types of disabilities

Thousands of visitors showed up at the "Feeling Accessibility" happening held by Access Israel (1.5) and the paralympic council at the Tel-Aviv port.

Thousands of visitors showed up at the "Feeling Accessibility" happening held by Access Israel (1.5) and the paralympic council at the Tel-Aviv port.
The idea behind this ceremonious event was to increase awareness and empathy towards persons with disabilities, by meeting them up close and partaking in paralympic sports as well as enjoyable and challenging activities meant to simulate the feeling of different disabilities and thus understand the huge untapped potential of those who have them.

The "Feeling Accessibility" Happening

The "Feeling Accessibility" Happening
A sports happening promoted by "Access Israel", the Israeli sports association and the Paralympics council, to increase awareness to accessibility for persons with disabilities and paralympic sports, as part of the journey towards finding the next paralympic sports superstar.
The event will take place on Friday, May 1st 2015, from 09:30 till 15:00 on the Tel-Aviv port.
1/05/2015 09:30

Touching The Sky

Touching The Sky
Today is Israel’s Remembrance Day for fallen IDF soldiers and those murdered in terrorist attacks. As we remember and honor the memories of those who made the ultimate sacrifice for the State of Israel, we must also be cognizant of those injured in the line of duty, people whose lives were altered in an instant.

Yuval Wagner, an IDF Air Force pilot, was injured in a helicopter accident. Today, Yuval heads Access Israel, one of the leading organizations pushing for full inclusion in Israel. Here’s his story:

A Feast for the senses

trying to cut a steak using elbow grease(Tal Zohar
Disability rights NGO Access Israel and Hilton Queeb of Sheba have partnered up to offer an experience that titillates the senses while illustrating the difficulty of living with a disability

Dozens of wheelchairs occupy parking spots on 4th street in Tel Aviv for a few long hours

Dozens of wheelchairs occupy parking spots
A social performance by Access Israel in honor of Disability day around the world: "All excuses are over; don't park in a handicap spot!" The idea was to promote awareness in an original way. It let drivers feel what it is like to be a disabled person trying to get to their destination and find a proper parking spot


Video: A social performance by Access Israel "All excuses are over; don't park in a handicap spot!"

Dozens of wheelchairs occupy parking spots
view one of the most important social projects last seen promoting handicapped parking spots and disabled people

Thousands of visitors participated and experienced the "Feeling Accessibility 2014" Event

Thousands of visitors participated in the event
By means of parasports and original ways to get people to experience disability, the thousands of visitors (children and parents) watched and participated in wheelchair basketball, wheelchair tennis and rugby, Goalball (foot) for the blind, handcycle riding, riding blindfolded with an escort on tandem bikes, obstacle course with wheelchairs and more

Access Israel Held "Accessible Businesses" Conference with Minister of Finance Yair Lapid

Yair Lapid, Shlomo Gabay, Michal Rimon, Yuval Wagn
Around 150 CEOs and Vice Presidents of organizations and companies that lead the Israeli economy took part in the conference. The conference speakers dealt with the subject of raising awareness about accessibility for people with disabilities and the recent passed laws for accessible service in organizations and businesses that have come into effect during the end of 2013.

600 people, including the Minister of Education, business leaders, CEOs and key figures in the accessibility field, took part in the 2-nd Access Israel Conference

Yuval Wagner (right) and The Minister of Education
How can the Olympic Games be made accessible? What is the importance of accessifying all environments of life? these questions, and others, were addressed and answered by the Minister of Education and prominent lecturers from Israel and abroad.

Video: Access Israel in Public Transportation convention - November 2013

Yuval Wagner and the Minister of Transport
the purpose of this convention is to get the Ministry of Transportation to complete the accessibility revolution

Access Israel Held "Accessibility in Hotels" conference, in Collaboration with the Israel Hotel Association

Ilan Gilon, Ami Federman, Amir Halevi, Yuval Wagne
The conference was held at the Herod’s Hotel in Tel Aviv. Knesset Member Ilan Gilon, Mr. Amir Halevi, CEO of the Israeli Office of Tourism, Mr. Ami Federman, the president of the Israel Hotel Association, and Yuval Wagner, the chairman of the Israel Accessibility association were all in attendance, along with 120 managers from the Hospitality industry

Access Israel held "Modern accessibility in public transportation" conference, in presence of the Minister of Transport , Mr. Israel Katz

Minister Israel Katz and Yuval Wagner next to acce
Attended Minister Katz and the heads of his office, MK Karin Elharar, Commission for Equal Rights of People with Disabilities Ahya Kamara , Executive Directors of Transportation , Transportation personnel from the authorities , heads of disability organizations , accessibility authorized , and more. Total attended about 200 people

Country-wide enforcement day against disabled-parking offenders, 31/10/2013

handicapped parking
a yearly event under the auspices of Access Israel with the cooperation of Israel Police Traffic Department, was held this year on Thursday 31/10/2013

Voting polls access for disabled must improve

ballot box
NGO Access Israel chairman Yuval Wagner told The Jerusalem Post more improvement needs to be made in accessibility of voting polls for people with disabilities

Thousands visit the “Feeling Accessibility” happening held by the organization Friday, 24/5, in the Tel Aviv Port

basketball in wheelchairs
At the event were present the Deputy Minister of Finance, MK Karin Elharar, MK Ilan Gilon, himself a promoter of the accessibility issue, sports stars, paralympic sports persons and the general public

Google Israel launched Street View Israel - Access Israel showcased how Street View can help with accessibility

The Street View Google-car
The concept is simple, people with disabilities want to know (prior to leaving their homes) if their destination is truly accessible to them via handicapped parking, curb access, proper wheelchair flooring, van access to parking lot, whether the front entrance has stairs or not and more...

Access Israel has launched its annual fundraising campaign at April 17th in cooperation with Shufersal

The campaign banner
Every day one and a half million Israeli citizens, thousands of them children, face every day difficulties trying to get to work or school, shopping, communication, public transportation and even just sitting at home with a nice hot cup of coffee

Ruderman Prize in Disability Launched

A rolled up certificate for an award
The Ruderman Family Foundation has announced the establishment of the Ruderman Prize in Disability, awarding $200,000 to excellence and innovation in programs that foster full inclusion for people with special needs

Many movie theaters have no room for wheelchair

Many movie theaters have no room for wheelchair
Hundreds of thousands of disabled Israelis find it impossible to go to the movies as 65% of theaters lack wheelchair access, comfortable view of screen
They want to enjoy a good movie at the cinema like everyone else, but for hundreds of thousands of disabled Israelis such an experience is often impossible
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