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Access Israel is involved in the process of making authorities accessible

a person in a wheelchair infront of a staircase
Access Israel will supervise the special team established by Minister of the Interior, toward budgeting local and regional authority accessibility and integrating accessibility


Municipal engineers have learned about accaessibility

Conference stage speakers platform
Municipal engineers and architects have learned about municipal accessibility in a conference held by Access Israel

Access Israel's 6th Annual International Conference

Access Israel's 6th Annual International Conferenc
Access Israel's 6th Annual International Conference
on Innovation and the Future of Accessibility
29 April 2018 - Israel

Whom Have You Brought to Shabbat? / The wall street journal

Whom Have You Brought to Shabbat? / The wall street journal
'Access Israel' held "A Meal of the Senses" in New York City. Two New Yorkers find a way to introduce unobservant Jews to a ritual of respite.


Accessibility Champ! A special Access Israel campaign conducted with Ben Gurion University in Eilat to promote awareness to the provision of accessible service among taxi drivers in Eilat

driver receiving an Accessibility=Sensitivity mag
The campaign was conducted on 23 May, as the tourist season began, aimed at providing taxi drivers in Eilat with information on providing accessible service to people with disabilities

Thousands of visitors in the "Feeling Accessibility" Happening held by Access Israel on April 28 in The Port of Tel Aviv, in association with the Israeli Paralympic Committee

students at accessibility instruction
The event offered a close encounter with various disabilities and experiencing different handicapped sports as well as other fun and challenging activities

For the first time in Israel: 800 people attended the 5th Access Israel International Conference on Technology in Accessibility Service, in the Tel Aviv David InterContinental, on March 20th

A wheelchair obstacle course through virtual reali
The Conference featured highly Israeli and international prominent lecturers; an ample technological compound, and a simulating area where people could experience various disabilities, using assisting technology

“Sweet Theater” hosted Friends with ID from Canada

Members of the groups in a joint activity workshop
An exceptional encounter took place between two groups of people with Intellectual Disabilities (ID) when the local “Sweet Theater” hosted the Vancouver Bagel Club from Canada

Access Israel participates in Zero Project Conference 2017, in Vienna

Or Cohen and Michal Rimon on the panel (1st & 3rd
The conference took place February 22-24, at the UN Office in Vienna. Access Israel participated in the conference organization and was part of the steering committee. The fruitful cooperation between the two organizations continues and strengthens from year to year and Access Israel helps to integrate the experiential parts into the conference. This year, Access Israel led an impressive discussion panel and hosted a “cocktail of the senses” for honor invitees, among other activities

Access Israel attended UN's Habitat III convention in Quito Ecuador

a visitor experiencing blind walk
Access Israel's delegation, with the collaboration of the Ministry of Foreign Affairs, played an active part in the UN Habitat III Convention, an international conference on urban development, taking place every twenty years. This year's conference convened in Quito Ecuador on 17-20 of October, and was attended by 45,000 people from all over the world

'Israel can be the world leader in digital accessibility'

Yuval Wagner, founder & president of Access Israel
Yuval Wagner, founder and president of Access Israel, voices the hope that Israel will become a world leader in the field of “digital accessibility

Access Israel // Including Everyone

accessibility happening for children of a fabela
This past September, when people with disabilities from all over the world competed at the Paralympic Games in Rio de Janeiro, the Access Israel team was invited to Rio by the Israeli Embassy in Brasilia to show a different side of Israel

Access Israel's delegation in a visit to Rio de Janeiro

The AI's delegation with children of the Favelas
A delegation of Access Israel has just returned from a visit to Rio de Janeiro. Invited by the senior secretary of Israel's embassy in Brazilia, the purpose of this visit was to hold accessibility activities during the Rio Paralympic Games

The Regional Center for Independent Living in the Galilee hosts the first blind judge of the U.S.A.

Judge Bernstein on the tandem bike
Richard H. Bernstein, Michigan Supreme Court Justice, arrived in the Galilee to enrich the Center's volunteers from his personal, inspirational experiences, and joined a tandem bike ride along the Jordan river, visiting heritage sites

Access Israel Organization Wins UN Praise

Rani Benjamini, Orel Lapid, Michal Rimon, Or Cohen
Access Israel tries to make Israel more inclusive for all of its citizens. Its work is now gaining attention beyond Israel


"Access Israel" participated in a discussion circle in Washington on accessible technology

Discussion circle in Washington
On Sunday (12.06.16), Representatives of Access Israel Organization participated as guests of the United States Access Board, in a discussion circle on the necessity of making websites and technology accessible to all

"Access Israel" won the “integration award" - in recognition of projects for integrating people with disabilities in society

Center directors and a management's representative
The award was presented to "Access Israel" on Thursday, 06/16/16, at a ceremony held during the IN convention for the integration of disabled people in society

Accessibility Training Day in the local council of Daliyat Al Karmel

Giora Lev speaks to the audience
Access Israel held on 22.5, an inspirational training day on Accessibility in the local municipality Daliyat Al Karmel

Access Israel Organization was granted the status of a 'Special Adviser' to the UN's Economic and Social Committee!

meeting of UN's Economic and social Committee
On May 25, 'Access Israel' was granted the status of 'Special Adviser' to UN's Economic and social Committee (ECOSOC), UN's leading forum of economic and social policy in many countries around the world

Around 700 people attended the 4th International Access Israel Convention on the subject of accessibility as a leverage to businesses and organizations

Prime Minister of Israel greets the participants
Taking place on April 7 in the Avenue Convention Center at the airport campus, this convention focused on the way accessibility can leverage businesses and organizations, targeting accessible tourism, transport, culture and leisure. High profile activists and speakers, both foreign and domestic, graced the convention with their presence; the President and Prime Minister of Israel sent their greetings via video, and the Minister of Justice came to the convention and experiences firsthand the accessibility path while in a wheelchair
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