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Ikea and Access israel are making furniture better for people with disabilities — with the help of 3-D printers

A bed in IKEA taged as ThisAbles
ThisAbles project - Ikea’s branch in Israel partnered with Israeli disability rights groups to design low-tech add-ons. The project also reviewed hundreds of items and drew up a list of dozens of products that can already accommodate people with a range of disabilities

Bibi Netanyahu, Avi Gabay, Ayelet Shaked and other Israeli politicians talk in sign language

Bibi Netanyahu talks in sign language
Access Israel decided to remind politicians running for office that making their speeches accessible to all should anything but optional

We are proud of you, Yuval Wagner!

Yuval Wagner, founder of Access Israel
The founder of Access Israel, Yuval Wagner, was selected as one of the 50 social heroes for the year of 2018 by the newspaper "Yediot Ahronot"

No school day like the other

Access Israel is an organization that took it on themselves to make the country as barrier free as possible for its citizens. With exemplary actions the non-profit sensibilises students for the concerns of people with disabilities

Watch: Broadcast on channel KAN 11 - Access Israel Delegation teaches accessibility in Latvia

screenshot from the broadcast
Thank you channel "Kan 11" for an excellent summary of a successful visit by Access Israel on behalf of the Foreign Ministry in Latvia

100% of Synagogues Examined Not Accessible to All People With Disabilities

stairs on the way to a synagogue entrance
"Access Israel" examined synagogues before the high-holidays and found that 100% of synagogues examined were not accessible to all people with disabilities

Access Israel is happy to share that the project for newly disabled people was a full success

A weekly meeting of the program participants
We are happy to share that the project "In the Middle of Life" ,that was made possible thanks to the Salvisberg Foundation, has been completed successfully

watch: Access Israel 6th International Conference

1000 people attended the 6th Access Israel Interna
1000 people attended the 6th Access Israel International Conference on “Innovation and the Future of Accessibility", at the Avenue Conference Center, on April 29th

Access Israel CEO Participated in Panels at the M-Enabling & ENABLE Conferences in June

Michal Rimon, Martin Essl  and the service robot
Access Israel's CEO, Michal Rimon, Adv., was invited to participate in a panel discussion regarding the inclusion of people with disabilities in legal procedures and in elections, within the framework of the ENABLE conference that took place in the UN headquarters in New-York, on June 14 2018

Watch: The video that became viral

students of "Habetzefer" surprise a park
Have you parked in a disabled parking spot even though you don't have a permit? You might expect a surprise from the gospel band "Emotionally Disabled"

Thousands of people visited the "Feeling Accessibility" happening organized by Access Israel on the 1st of June in The Port of Tel Aviv

Visitors participate in a dance circle
The event offered a close encounter with various disabilities and experiencing different handicapped sports as well as other fun and challenging activities

1000 people attended the Access Israel 6th International Conference on “Innovation and the Future of Accessibility", on April 29th

The participants sit in the lecture hall
The Conference featured highly Israeli and international prominent lecturers; an ample technological compound, a simulating area where people could experience various disabilities, 2 award ceremonies and much more

The winners of the Access Israel Prize named after Simcha Lustig 2018

Tuvia Scheinfeld receives the prize
In preparation for the Access Israel conference 2018, the award committee looked at dozens of inspiring projects. The decision was difficult and at the end the committee decided on four winners

Watch Yuval Wagner's lecture at the Zero Project 2018 conference

Yuval Wagner spoke at the Zero Project conference
Yuval Wagner, founder and president of Access Israel, spoke at the Zero Project 2018 conference held in Vienna on February 21st

'Access Israel' participated in the international Conference of 'Zero Project'

Access Israel managers with the award
'Access Israel' participated and organized an "Accessibility Trail" in the international 'Zero Project' Conference, which held In February 2018 in the UN headquarters in Vienna

Access Israel win the Zero Project Award 2018 on Accessibility

Access Israel's managers receiving the award
The prize was awarded at the Zero Project International Conference held at the UN headquarters in Vienna

video: The 5th Access Israel International Conference

The 5th Access Israel International Conference
800 people attended the 5th Access Israel International Conference on Technology in Accessibility Service

Yuval Wagner, Founder and President of Access Israel, was awarded an International Award in New York

A sign detailing Yuval's activities and the reason
Out of hundreds of candidates, Yuval Wagner, and 8 other nominees from around the world, won the prestigious Henry Viscardi Achievement Award in the U.S. The award is bestowed upon international leaders who act to improve the quality of life of people with disabilities

Access Israel Campaign: People. Not Symbols

People. Not Symbols
The NGO decided to raise the public's awareness to the issue of parking in a spot for disabled people, by replacing the disabled icon on thousands of disabled parking signs throughout the country with the picture of real disabled people


a touch screen with a few apps
For the past 18 years, Access Israel has been promoting accessibility in Israel in order to enable people who are coping with disabilities to live normal lives. Now the NGO is looking towards the future
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