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Access Israel participated in the National Ability Summit in India

Michal Rimon, CEO of Access Israel
Michal Rimon, CEO of Access Israel, participated in a panel on "Inclusive Employment" at the National Ability Summit in India

Access Israel's 5th International Webinar was a great success and historic with a speaker of the United Arab Emirates

watching Dr. Ayesha Saeed Husainin's lecture
Access Israel organized its 5th international webinar which focused on "Remote Employment of People with Disabilities during and post COVID-19". More than 650 people from 82 countries registered to the webinar which was historic as for the first time a speaker of the United Arab Emirates spoke at an Israeli event

Access Israel discusses studying during Covid-19 – Technologies that are changing the education system

Access Israel discusses studying during Covid-19 – Technologies that are changing the education system
The topic of education during COVID-19 is essential for all students, teachers and the education system in general; but it is especially critical to students with disabilities

UAE disabilities program director presents at Access Israel conference / The Jerusalem Post

Michal Rimon watching Dr. Ayesha Saeed Husaini's l
On the same day that a small senior delegation from the United Arab Emirates met in Israel, more than 650 people from 83 countries met on Zoom and Facebook to also make history. They participated in a four-hour conference sponsored by Access Israel, featuring Dr. Ayesha Saeed Husaini, founder and director of Manzil from the United Arab Emirates

Access Israel & Manzil - organization from the UAE joining hands

For the first time since the historic signing of the peace treaty between Israel and the UAE Access Israel, an Israeli NGO will host Manzil, an organization from the UAE

Access Israel's 4th International Webinar on "Inclusive Remote Education" was a great success with hundreds of participants from over the world

The webinar took place over zoom
Access Israel organized its 4th international webinar which focused on "Accessible and inclusive remote education during and post COVID-19". Over 600 people from over 72 countries registered to the webinar which took place over zoom and was live streamed on Facebook

Access Israel's 3rd International Webinar took place with accessibility experts from around the world

Michal Rimon, the CEO of Access Israel
The 3rd International Webinar organized by access Israel in partnership with the Zero Project and other important global accessibility leaders took place on the 15th of July with accessibility experts from all over the world

Access Isreal produced a training short video for health staff accessible service at the #COVID-19 situation


Access Israel conducted a web survey among 463 people with disabilities on their concerns at the corona virus time

About 50% do not know at all who is responsible and who will take care of their needs.
The survey was conducted on end of March, 2020 where Israel citizens where ordered to stay at home.

Keep working: Access Israel's projects during the Coronavirus Crisis to help people with disabilities

A disabled person in a wheelchair with a mask in f
The Coronavirus situation is a new and scary reality for all of us and we are all trying to overcome the challenges resulting from this difficult situation. Many families are in quarantine and new regulations are implemented daily to prevent the Coronavirus from spreading further. These regulations restrict us all, but for people with disabilities and the elderly this situation is even more severe, isolating, and challengin

The founder of Access Israel, Yuval Wanger, asked the Ministry of Health "Follow the accessibility regulations for people with disabilities in this crisis"

Yuval Wagner, the founder of Access Israel and the

The request was made following a number of incidents that occurred in the fight against the virus due to a lack of attention by the Ministry of Health to make sure that the health services are accessible for people with disabilities in the clinics, hospitals, testing facilities. In addition, there is also a lack of accessible information provided to the public on the websites and in general

Access Israel calls to require the medical staff treating patients infected with the Corona virus to use transparent masks to enable accessible communication for people with hearing disabilities for which reading lips is critical

whomen with mask
In Israel live 800,000 ‎people with hearing disabilities.
The main communication between deaf and heard of hearing disabilities is lip reading

This crisis can become an opportunity: Enable accessible technologies for people with disabilities


Access Israel received an award at the Zero Project Conference in Vienna

Conference directors and Access Israel's delegatio
Access Israel received an award for best practice for the accessibility training for teachers at the Zero Project Conference in Vienna, Austria
The conference was held on May 19-21, 2020 and concentrated on education and training

Making Inclusion a Reality

Feast of the Senses dinner
Access Israel is one of the leading organizations in Israel who plays an important role in making accessibility and inclusion a reality in Israel

The Zero Project conference was held on May 19-21 in Vienna

Access Israel’s experiential stations
The conference, which concentrates on education and training, has more than 800 participants from 100 developed and developing countries. The Israeli delegation, with over 30 participants, is the largest delegation.
During the three days of the conference the Access Israel’s delegation will lead inclusive education experiences for all of the conference attendees

27 Hikers with disabilities are About to Trek Mt. klimanjaro

men on bus
Timed to coincide with February's JDAIM, the international group will trek Africa's tallest mountain using Israeli designed special assistance technology

An International Launch of "The Valubable 500 Israel" forum

Dozens of senior executives came to attend the con
The Valuable 500 Forum held a unique international conference on January 13th, organized by Access Israel at the Tel Aviv Stock Exchange

Access Israel's has been awarded by the Zero Project

Zero Project award winner 2020
Access Israel's "Training for Inclusive Teaching" has been awarded by the Zero Project as one of the practices that support accessible and inclusive education for people with disabilities!


watch: Access Israel 7th International Conference

Yariv Bash- founder of the spacecraft Bereshit
Over 1000 people attended the 7th Access Israel International Conference on “The Future of Accessibility", at the Avenue Conference Center, on May 2019
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