Access Israel hosted its 12th International Webinar

Access Israel hosted last week its 12th International Webinar focusing this time on Inclusive Employment.The Webinar lasted 4 hours, featuring over 25 senior speakers, who shared various topics of accessibility and inclusion at the workplace

In the picture you can see the webinar participant

Access Israel hosted last week its 12th International Webinar focusing this time on Inclusive Employment. The Webinar lasted 4 hours, featuring over 25 senior speakers, who shared various topics of accessibility and inclusion at the workplace.


The Webinar consisted of 2 parts- the first part dealt with strategy in the field of accessibility and with global policies of countries and international organizations, sharing the progress made in the field and the expectations for the near future. The second partdescribed the innovations and latest best practices and listed several assistive technologies that help to promote inclusive employment in the world of work.


Over 850 people from over 100 countries had registered and received the Webinar shared knowledge. Hundreds of people participated and enjoyed the high level of discussion through this Webinar. Access Israel continues to lead the international discourse on accessibility and inclusion, and has already scheduled the 13th International Webinar, on Accessible Tourism, to May 24th 2023.



Lectures Excerpts:


 Michal Rimon, CEO of Access Israel- Opening Statements <<Click here 


Daniela Bas, Director of the Division for Inclusive Social Development at the United Nation, UNDESA – Advancing to 2030 with Inclusive Employment – SDGs and more << Click here


Michael Pichler, Director, Zero Project Austria << Click here


Christopher Patnoe, EMEA Lead for Accessibility and Disability Inclusion, Google << Click here


Luis Gallegos, President of Foundation GIA (Global Initiative on Ageing), Chair of the Board of UNITAR, Chair of the Board of G3ICT - Ageing Populations and the Future of Work << Click here


Jurgen Menze, Inclusion Officer in the Gender, Equality and Diversity Branch, ILO - Peer-to-peer support among companies: Global and national business and disability networks  << Click here


      Susan Scott-Parker, Founder, Business Disability International and Strategic Advisor to the ILO's Global Business Disability Network (GIZ) - Recruitment AI has a Disability Problem: Minimizing the Risks to Hundreds of Millions Triggered by AI Powered HR Technologies & Introducing the new ILO GBDN Self -Assessment benchmark: enabling disability equality worldwide, 

regardless of jurisdiction << Click here


Yuval Wagner, Founder and Chairman of Access Israel - 2023 Challenges promoting employment of people with disabilities << Click here


Claudia Piovano, CEO of Galileo Progetti Nonprofit Kft – European Good Practices in Work Integration of People with Disabilities << Click here


Abby Mayerhoff- Program Manager, NYC Mayor's office- Workforce and Business Development in NYC << Click here


Krzysztof Czechowski, Editor-in-Chief of the Quarterly Disability - issues, problems, solutions, Office for Analyzes, Forecasts and International Cooperation- Poland- The role of the State Fund for Rehabilitation of the Disabled in the activation of disabled people in Poland << Click here


Frances West, Founder of Frances West & Co - Investing in talent with disabilities: Why and how? << Click here


Peter Lerner, Director of Partnerships, Histadrut- National Labor Organization- Winning on a municipal level a trade union model in Israel << Click here


Stephane Leblois, Director of Partnerships, The Valuable 500 & Isabel Meddellin, Global Director, DEI & Talent Acquisition << Click here


Christine Hemphill, Founding and Managing Director, Open Inclusion - Fast Growing Inclusive Opportunities or New Threats of Exclusion from Distributed Work Models? << Click here


Rama Gheerawo, Director, the Helen Hamlyn Centre for Design, Royal College of Art, & Lvelina Gadzheva, Founder & Director Design for all Bulgaria Foundation << Click here


Aya Mironi, Head of Business Solutions, FIVERR - Inclusive Employment Beyond FTE - How to Engage Freelance Talent with Disabilities << Click here


Nima Kalantri, Programs Lead - Diversity, Equity and Inclusion, GOOGLE - Disability Inclusion in the Hiring Process and Beyond << Click here


Victor Calise, Director of Global Diversity, Equity and Inclusion, Walmart - Walmart's Accessibility Center of Excellence << Click here


Amy Low, Service Delivery Director, AbilityNet- How Gap Analysis Can Improve Disability Inclusion in the Workplace << Click here


Breandan Ward, Adjunct Assistant Professor, NYU - Enableism in Academia - 4 Ways Universities can Stimulate Greater Disability Inclusion in the World of Work << Click here


Ilana Mushkin, Co-Founder and CEO , TA'AL - TA'AL Work-  Assistive Technology - Enabling Inclusivity in Employment for Workers with Cognitive Disabilities and Mental Health Issues << Click here 


Thorkil Sonne, Founder and Chair at Specialisterne Foundation- Inclusive employment of Neurodivergent People << Click here


Michal Rimon, CEO of Access Israel- Closing Remarks << Click here



In the picture you can see the webinar participant and Michal Rimon, CEO of Access Israel





























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