Nearly 1,000 participants took part in Access Israel’s 8th International Conference



Access Israel’s 8th International Conference lasted five fascinating days; starting with pre-conference three packed days planned especially for our 120 international guests arriving from abroad and ending with a glorious actual two conference days.

Three first phenomenal days, all targeted to learn, share and discuss professional progress and key points, as well as to create and strengthen the interpersonal connections between accessibility leaders across the globe. During those three days we managed to include so much:

GAIL (Global Accessibility and Inclusion leaders) meeting and dinner.

International professional lectures day where inspiring discussions were held, regarding the progress of accessibility in key fields.

Accessible trips to Tel Aviv, Jerusalem, and the Dead Sea.

Feast of the Senses Dinner and Super Sensual Inclusive Party.


For pictures from the various side events and tours please click here. + tours 

The Access Israel’s 8th Annual International Conference Itself was held from September 11th through September 12th, and its goal was to promote accessibility in tourism, transportation, business, and leisure. This and more, constitute a meeting place for partnerships, new connections, and business opportunities among leaders from all over the world, for years to come.

The first plenary day , in which over 700 people participated, was held in the presence of Shekel Organization's CEO as well as Israel's Prime Minister wife, Mrs. Lihi Lapid, the Mayor of Kfar Saba, Mr. Rafi Saar, the Commissioner for Equal Rights for People with Disabilities, Mr. Dan Rashal and Accessibility leaders, representing the leading organizations in Israel and from all over the world.

All spokesman shared their actions and presented advanced models for promoting accessibility. The Conference also included an exhibition of 30 accessibility providers and technologies, and also an innovative unique area of experiential stops allowing actual experiences of a vast variety of disabilities in situations related to the focus of the conference – tourism, transportation, culture and leisure.


For pictures from the first day of the conference please click here.


About 500 people from Israel and the world participated on the second day of the Conference, which provided professional and practical tools to professionals and stakeholders focused on accessibility; in four separate halls, holding four sessions each, various subjects were presented, all focusing on the future of Accessibility future.

All sessions in the two days of the conference were led by 107 senior lecturers as well as representatives of leading companies from Israel and the world.

For pictures from the second day please click here.

Access Israel 8th International Conference proudly presented a meeting place for those interested in accessibility, inclusion & empowerment, encouraging their doing for a better and more accessible world while covering key areas.


We are honored and humbled to conclude the conference as a great success and would like to thank all the organizers, participants, speakers, presenters, and sponsors. None of this would have been possible without you.  

We commit to continue leading the world of accessibility in every field possible and looking forward to seeing you at our next conference!


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