Registration - July 15, 3nd International Webinar - best practices and policies on accessibility and inclusion during these times

Continuing to Globally share Accessibility and Inclusion during the Corona (COVID-19) Crisis
The 3rd International Webinar will bring together, Commissioners and National Leaders from, USA, South Africa, Austria, Namibia and Israel who will share their challenges and best practices in dealing with Disabilities and Inclusion during these times.
Wednesday | July 15, 2020 | 15:30 GMT


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Join us at Access Israel's 3rd International Webinar – Register now!
Over 250 people from over 50 countries joined us to discuss accessibility and inclusion in each one of the sessions. 
3rd International Webinar, led by Access Israel who partnered with Zero Project and other great leading global organizations from around the world.

We will hear from government representatives from different countries and learn about the challenges in their countries and what they do to overcome them.
We are excited to share with you the following speakers:

 Israel: Avremi Torem, Commissioner for the Rights of People with Disabilities in Israel
 USA: Victor Calise, Commissioner of the New York City office for People with Disabilities
 Namibia: Leopoldine Nakashole, Department of Arts, Culture and Education
 South Africa - Amanda Gibberd, South Africa Department of Transport
 Austria: Andreas Reinalter, Austrian Ministry of Social Affairs

    Chile: Ana Cecilia Goldzweig, Regional Director of SENADIS (Servicio Nacional de la Discapacidad)



 Closed captioning will be provided.
 Translation to International Sign Language will be provided.
 For any questions regarding accessibility, please feel free to contact us:
     Sharon Kessler, >

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