This crisis can become an opportunity: Enable accessible technologies for people with disabilities


In Israel more and more daily drastic orders being taken trying to control the Coronavirus.

Schools closed, culture, sports, conferences, and private events are prohibited. Face to face services is prohibited. Employees are being asked to work from home. Airports are closed and more.

All of these actions are promoting the use of technologies as a safe alternative. So government ministries, municipalities, businesses, schools, and universities, hospitals all implementing remote services to enable their civilians to work, study, get treatment, shop and receive services.

This crisis can become an opportunity.

If we call all organizations that implementing these new technologies, to make sure that they are accessible in advance as a purchase condition. We will contribute greatly to the future of tech. accessibility.

If we fail? the culture gap of people with disabilities that can't use these new technologies will be unbearable.
So let us all use this opportunity and demand from tech companies and organizations and business full accessibility for all implemented B2C technologies.


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