Access Israel calls to require the medical staff treating patients infected with the Corona virus to use transparent masks to enable accessible communication for people with hearing disabilities for which reading lips is critical

In Israel live 800,000 ‎people with hearing disabilities.
The main communication between deaf and heard of hearing disabilities is lip reading
whomen with mask

However, the current Coronvirus situation required the medical staff to protect themselves and others by using masks that cover their mouth. This makes it impossible for people with hearing disabilities to understand what is said. .
There are a variety of solutions in the world to overcome this problem - a transparent mask that protects the user but allows the patient with hearing disabilities to read lips.
Access Israel asks the Ministry of Health to require the use of these masks by all relevant medical staff.

 Other options are using the Google real-time transcription app or real-time brokerage center, which enable transcription and audio circuit sign language.
Most importantly, train the staff on how to properly communicate to patients with hearing disabilities.
This is probably a good solution for all customers - much more pleasant, relaxing and communicative.
Let's get together to make it a reality.


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