The Zero Project conference was held on May 19-21 in Vienna


The Zero Project conference started today with the opening remarks from the conference Initiator, Mr. Martin Essl 

The conference, which concentrates on education and training, has more than 800 participants from 100 developed and developing countries. The Israeli delegation, with over 30 participants, is the largest delegation (besides the Austrian hosts).

Michal Rimon spoke to the conference attendees

Michal Rimon speaks to the conference attendees



Mr. Wolfgang Sobotka, The President of the Austrian National Council, attended the opening ceremony and has met with Israeli companies and representatives that are attending the conference, including- OrCam, A-Check, Verbit, Step Hear, Global Ramp & Acoustic Protocol.


Mr. Sobotka and the founder of the conference, Mr. Essl have attended Access Israels experiential stations, where they were welcomed by Ms. Michal Rimon, Access Israel CEO and Ms. Maya Karmely Sommer, Deputy Israeli Ambassador to Austria.


Mr. Sobotka and Mr. Essl have attended Access Israel’s experiential stations

Mr. Sobotka and Mr. Essl have attended Access Israels experiential stations



The honored guests were very excited by the unique solutions offered by Israel and other countries for teachers and children in the education system. The shared goal is integration and inclusion everywhere and for all.

During the three days of the conference the nine members of Access Israels delegation will lead five different inclusive education experiences for all of the conference attendees.

And, as always, the main focus is on what Access Israel can give the world this year.

Good Luck to all of us!


Mr. Sobotka experimented with a blind ball game

Mr. Sobotka experimented with a blind ball game




Access Israel’s delegation

Access Israels delegation

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