"Accessible Summer" - summer day camp for the children of the Eshkol Regional Council


On Sunday 14/07/19 the "Access Israel" organization instructed an enjoyable activity for more than 700 children within the "Accessible Summer" day camp for the children of the Eshkol Regional Council

On the Day Camp, the children of the Eshkol Regional council experience around 29 enjoyable experience challenges that were set up around the area. Each station represented a different kind of disabilities.

The students went through the different challenges and and in each one learnt what it's like to be a person with disabilities. In each challenge the children got information about a different kind of disability and got to know the man behind the disability. The guide shared his life story; the hardships, the challenges, and the triumphs, while providing tools for public accessibility.

Walking "Blindly":

The children passed through an obstacle course while wearing a blindfold. To succeed they had to use their other senses and the help of their teammates.

Walking "Blindly

Blind Bead Threading:

The participants tried to thread beads through a string while their eyes were cover by blindfolds.

Blind Bead Threading


With their eyes covered, the children participated in a Paralympic game – "Goalball"

In the picture you can see Rami Dekel, a blind instructor, explaining the rules of the game to the participants:

Accessible Graffiti:

This station simulates hand disability. In it the participants partake in games, writing, and drawing in creative ways using gloves that restrict their finger movements.

Accessible Graffiti

Wheelchair Obstacle Course:

This activity simulates obstacles a person with a mobility disability encounters in their everyday life. Obstacles like crossing grass, bumpers, manhole covers, ramps, and more:

Wheelchair Obstacle Course

We thank the Day Camp crew for their cooperation for a second year in a row and to the children of the council for showing much curiosity and sensitivity towards the instructors. The reactions of the participants were very enthusiastic and they shared that they experienced a very meaningful and enlightening day.
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