Accessibility event for Mexican teens in cooperation with the Israeli sports union for people with disabilities


On Monday, May 6th 2019, Access Israel, in cooperation with the Israeli Sports Union for people with disabilities, held an experiential event for teens from Mexico

During the event the participants received blind folds and needed to use the other senses to find their way around the room and hear a lecture given by an instructor with a hearing disability. The instructor shared her life story difficulties, challenges, and successes. At the end of the lecture the participants got to hear her sing, and there wasnt a dry eye left.

The teens also met with a deaf guide and an ISL (Israeli Sign Language) interpreter, who taught them how to communicate with them, gave them a glimpse of the deaf world, and taught them a few signs in ISL.

The participants were very moved by the experience, were very curious about the guides lives, and thanked them for the important opportunity.
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