Did you vote in elections? There are those that it had been a difficult task for them!

Envelope with wheelchair disabled symbol in ballot

Unfortunately, our concerns came true - The 22nd Knesset elections were not accessible for people with disabilities!

On the Election Day, we deployed dozens of volunteers across the country to check on the state of accessibility at polling stations declared to have "special accessibility" by the Central Election Commission.

Hereinafter are the grim findings from 71 polling stations that have been surveyed:

  • In 55% of the polling stations there weren't two marked as disabled parking bays as required by law!
  • In 20% of the polling stations there is no disabled access way from the parking lot to the polling stations - illegal!
  • In 65% of the polling stations there is no signage to the polling station with access for people with disabilities - illegal!
  • In 65% of the polling stations there was no sign "accessible polling station" near polling station - illegal!
  • In 80% of the polling stations the ballots table are low so a voting ballot cannot be taken independently.

All of this is added to our complaint from before the election that the commission's website is not accessible enough, and that the process of finding and locating the accessible polling station is an impossible mission, specifically for those who find it most difficult.

In conclusion: the 22nd Knesset elections are a badge of shame for democracy in Israel.

Access Israel calls to the new government about to be formed to commit itself in advance within the coalition agreements to 100% accessibility for all types of disabilities.


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