Thousands of visitors in the "Feeling Accessibility" Happening held by Access Israel on April 28 in The Port of Tel Aviv, in association with the Israeli Paralympic Committee

students at accessibility instruction (Enlarge)

Since the early hours of the morning, thousands have flowed to the Port of Tel Aviv for the "Feeling Accessibility" happening of air, sea and land sports, which took place on Friday, April 28. The happening was the initiative of Access Israel in association with the Israeli Paralympic Committee, Israel Sports Association for the Disabled, Ministry of Culture and Sport, the Port of Tel Aviv and the Tel Aviv Municipality. At the beginning of the happening, approximately 600 students from primary schools in the Tel Aviv area arrived, passing through the various challenging stations and meeting people with disabilities. Throughout the event, exhibition games of wheelchair basketball, goalball, tennis, rugby, tandem cycling for the blind etc. were held.

Identifying with people with disabilities

The object of this festive event was to increase identification with people with disabilities. The event offered a close encounter with various disabilities and experiencing different handicapped sports as well as other fun and challenging activities simulating as much as possible the feeling of being disabled, while showing the great potential of people with disabilities.

At the height of the happening, a fleet of Challenges Association boats as well as aircrafts of the Israeli Light Sport Aircraft Association passed along and over the Herzliya and Tel Aviv shores in honor of people with disabilities.


תלמידים מקשיבים להדרכה של מיכל רימון, מנכ"לית נגישות ישראל  תלמידים מתנסים בגרפיטי נגיש עם כפפות מגבילות על הידיים

students at an instruction by Access Israel's CEO Michal Rimon and trying accessible graffiti with restricting gloves.

Experiencing disabilities and disabled sports

This unique happening featured a large variety of awareness and experiencing compounds under the "you have to try to understand" slogan, where visitors could experience disability first hand, through blind ice cream tasting, wheelchair obstacle courses, blind walking, graffiti with no hands, sign language tattoos, exposure to hearing impairment and other activities. The event was made possible through the cooperation of many organizations and NPOs such as the Challenges Association, Shema, BeKol, MeHalev, Lighthouse etc.

In addition, exhibition games of disabled sports with audience participation took place during the happening: wheelchair basketball, goalball, tennis, rugby, tandem cycling for the blind and other surprises.


המשתתפים מתנסים בכדורסל על כיסאות גלגלים  המשתתפים מתנסים בכדור-שער עיוורים
participants experience wheelchair basketball                                                  participants experience blind goalball

The central ceremony

The central ceremony in honor of Access Israel's 18 years of activity was hosted by Eli Ildis, during which the quest to discover its "next star" of Israel's Paralympic Sports, under which all disabled sporting activities are incorporated, was officially opened.

According to Access Israel's chairman Yuval Wagner, "We Searched for an original way to promote accessibility and equality for people with disabilities. 'Feeling accessibility in the air, the sea and on land', is unique in Israel and around the world. The Port of Tel Aviv was chosen for its accessibility and wonderful sea and promenade ambiance. We are delighted to see a diverse audience of families, children, youth and athletes taking part in this extraordinary and educational event, having sporting, sensory and artistic experiences and meeting people with disabilities".


רון חולדאי, מיכל רימון ויובל וגנר  משחק ראווה של כדורסל בכיסאות גלגלים מקצועי
Ron Huldai, Michal Rimon and Yuval Wagner                                          A professional wheelchair basketball exhibition game


All the partners and sponsors of the event,

The joint Access Israel and Paralympic Committee team who had worked tirelessly for many days to organize the event,

And especially:

Access Israel's President Yuval Wagner

Access Israel's CEO Michal Rimon

Head of Access Israel's educational department Liat Ori

Access Israel's instructors

Israel's Paralympic Committee's CEO Nissim Sasportas

Head of Atudot and Athena trainer Limor Goldberg

Events coordinator Chen Moran

Tel Aviv Municipality and its sports department

Port of Tel Aviv, the Atarim Company

Ministry of Culture & Sport and the head of the sport administration Ofer Bustan

Ministry of Education – Max Aviram and Liat Mazra for their help during the morning of experience for schools from around the country

Companies and organizations: Shema, the Blind Association, Lighthouse, Mehalev, Hydroflex, Eyal Tzippuyim, Yad Sara, Atarim. Bezeq, Harel, Amot, Tempo, Knafayim

Gadi Ulman

Doron Biton & Katrix Duo

Access Israel North – A.I.N

Access Israel – the Eilat and Arava district

Space for Independent Life in the Galilee and the Golan

Sweet Theater

Special thanks to the producer of this event Oranit Ben Dror of Events that Touch

Technical producer – Gil Biran and the Rakefet team

Team 3 – guarding and security

Shai Sagi of One Man Brand, in charge of all the professional design surrounding us

And a great heartfelt thanks to all the volunteers without whom this event could not have taken place!

See you in the 2018 Feeling Accessibility

To the event's photo album click here

Photography: Guy Taieb


המשתתפים עוברים מסלול מכשולים על כיסאות גלגלים  המשתתפים עוברים מסלול מכשולים על כיסאות גלגלים
participants go through a wheelchair obstacle cours                   Participants go through a wheelchair obstacle course

הופעה של להקת ריקודים באירוע  קבוצת "מותק של תיאטרון"
A performance of a dance company                                            A performance of the Sweet Theater group

2 photos with photography credit: Ehud Mankota

תלמידים משתתפים באירוע  משחק ראווה של כדורסל בכיסאות גלגלים מקצועי
Students attending the event                                                                                 A professional wheelchair basketball exhibition game

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