Access Israel gave an accessibility training program for employees of Abbott Company

The opening lecture - Introduction accessibility

On February 9, 2016, Access Israel gave an accessibility training session at the Tel Aviv Royal Beach Hotel for the staff of Abbott

After an opening lecture of introduction where basic accessibility terms were explained, the participants were divided into two groups, passing through and experiencing different types of disability in daily functions and environments.

In the sight impairment station, they had to walk blindfolded and experience trusting the person leading them.

In the mobility impairment station, they attempted to fill out forms with movement restricting gloves that simulated the hand and tactile disability.

Following was the hearing impairment experience, where participants tried to read lips in total silence and gain a little understanding of sign language.

We would like to point out that all trainings are given by disabled instructors, which makes the whole experience that much more personal, as participants can attach a face to the stigma and get to have a two-way dialogue with the instructors.

After all these stations and experiences, participants gathered to talk about what they had learned and summarize their day. It was clear that they understood the importance of service and environment accessibility and of raising awareness in society at large.

Access Israel wishes to thank Assuta Medical Center for their fruitful and successful cooperation

Participants listening to a guide in a wheelchair  Participants try to fill in forms with rigid gloves on their hands

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