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Access Israel's 4th Annual International Convention on

Accessibility as a Leverage for Businesses and Organizations

Focusing on accessible tourism, travel, culture and recreation

- Schedule -


Wednesday, April 6th 2016

·        Afternoon –Closed event for international guests  

·        Evening – Registration and Evening Event – Feast of the Senses – an accessibility dining special event


Thursday, April 7th 2016

08:00-09:00 – Registration, experiencing accessibility, showcase of accessibility solutions and breakfast

09:00-09:35 – Opening Remarks

09:35-09:55 – UN 2030 Agenda: Overcoming Poverty and Inequality through Accessibility for All - Ms. Daniela Bas , Director, Division for Social Policy and Development, Department of Economic and Social Affairs, UN

09:55-10:15 – What is happening in the world of Accessible Tourism – Success Stories and Economical Benefits of Accessible Tourism –  Anna Grazia Laura, President of ENAT

10:25-10:50 – From an accessible business to an accessible country – the challenges on the way – Yuval Wagner - President of Access Israel

10:50-11:10 – Big Apple for All – NYC Case Study – Commissioner Victor Calise, New York City Mayor's Office for   People with Disabilities

11:10-11:40 – Break - experiencing accessibility, showcase of accessibility solutions

11:40-12:00  - Much more than a room for all – Case Study of the Ilunion Hotel, Spain – accessibility throughout - Ms. Beatriz Rubio, Head of Accessibility, Ilunion Hotels

12:00-12:15 - Ontario’s Accessibility Journey – Ann F. Hoy, Assistant Deputy Minister of the Accessibility Directorate of Ontario, Canada

12:15-12:45 – Access Israel's Awards Ceremony – in memory of Simcha Lustig –

Awards shall be presented by:

♦  Dr. Michael Fembek, Program Manager of Zero Project, Essl Foundation

♦  Knesset Member Ilan Gilon

♦  Knesset Member Karine Elharrar

♦  Naomi Lustig

12:45-13:00 – Closing Remarks for Plenary

13:00-13:45 – Lunch Break - experiencing accessibility, showcase of accessibility solutions

 Parallel Sessions (each session will offer 4 different subjects):

Session I 13:45-14:30


Room 1

Accessible Services

Mr. Amir Halevi – Director General of Ministry of Tourism

The Role of the Ministry of Tourism in promoting accessible tourism in Israel



Ms. Hanny Sobol – CEO, The Israel Association of Travel Agencies & Consultants

The role of the travel agent in planning the perfect accessible trip



Mr. Eli Meiri, CEO, Israel for All

Leading accessible tours – choosing an accessible trail, accessible guidance



Mr. Yoav Behar, Deputy Director General, Israel Hotel Association

Increasing awareness to accessible service in hotels using e-learning.



Ms. Netta Rotman, Head of Accessibility Department, Access Israel

Publishing accessibility in an organization as a leverage for business – the need for information on accessibility, various formats for accessible information and way to distribute accessible information

Room 2 (Simultaneous translation)

Accessibility in Hotels

Mr. Noaz Bar Nir, CEO, Israel Hotel Association

Accessibility as a business leverage in hotel management.



Ms. Beatriz Rubio, Head of Accessibility, Ilunion Hotels

Case Study - The Ilunion Hotel - Accessibility all the way



Architect Gadi Halperin

Architectural and design challenges and solutions when implementing accessibility in a hotel.



Ms Meital Barnea,  Accessibility Coordinator, Dan Hotel

Israeli case study on implementation of accessibility in a hotel

Room 3 (Simultaneous translation)

Accessible Traveling – by land, by air and by sea

Mr. Uzi Itzhaki

Director General

Ministry of Transport

The importance of continuity in accessible transportation



Mr. Yaron Ravid, CEO of City Pass

Jerusalem light rail



Mr. Shimshon Katz, Head of the Service for the disabled passenger, Israel's Airports  Authorities

Accessibility in Terminal 3 at Ben Gurion Airport



Commissioner Victor Calise, NYC

Promoting accessible Taxis in NYC



EyalCohen VP EL – AL Israel

Assistive accessible service in the airline – description and challenges

Room 4

Culture for All

Ms Orit Toubul, Program Coordinator, Fund For Service Development For People With Disabilities, National Insurance Institute-Israel

Ms. Tamar Ayalon, Program Coordinator,  Fund for Service Development for People with Disabilities,  National  Insurance Institute 

Ms.  Roni Ankori

Akim Israel

Accessibility for the blind at the cinemas and theater, accessibility for people with cognitive disability at museums and cinema and accessibility for hearing impaired at theater and cinemas.



Ms. Yonat Burlin, CEO GalaPrompter

The GalaPro application that makes the theater accessible for hearing impaired people



Dr. Nurit Noy

Accessibility for the visually impaired and the blind

Session II 14:45-15:30


Room 1

Marketing, advertising and selling accessibility

Mr. Ari Melamud, CEO Publicis, Tel Aviv 

How to successfully market accessible tourism



Mr. Alon Zakai, CEO A-2-Z Internet Marketing

Marketing and advertising in the digital and social medias



Ms. Netta Rotman, Head of Accessibility Department, Access Israel

The importance of making accessibility arrangements public knowledge



Ms. Orit Tubul , The National Insurance Institute of Israel

The Accessible Municipality Model

Room 2 (Simultaneous translation)

Accessibility in parks and attractions

Zohar Zafon

KKL Southern Region Planning Department Manager


Veterans River Park in Ofakim



Architect Udi Kasif

On Tel Aviv's award winning promenade



Commissioner Victor Calise, NYC

On the process of making the NYC's park and recreation areas accessible



Yossi Ani

General Manager

The Underwater Observatory Marine Park Eilat

Accessibility under the sea level



Ann F. Hoy, Assistant Deputy Minister of the Accessibility Directorate of Ontario, Canada

Accessible parks in Ontario Canada

Room 3 (Simultaneous translation)

Accessibility in museums and visitors centers

Ms. Dorit Wolenitz, Man and the Living World, Museum Director & Chair of the Israeli Museum Association and ICOM Israel

The Challenges in making a museum accessible and the Israeli Museum Association's contribution to the promotion of such accessibility



Ms. Lara Schweller, MoMA, NYC

MoMa NYC – Accessibility Case Study



Mr. Gil Omer, General Manager, The Israeli Children's Museum, Holon

Museums as a platform for promoting awareness to the importance of inclusion



Antonia Eggeling &

Lara Zeyssig, Project Lingusio, PIKSL

Lingusio – a new advanced product for accessibility in museum for people with learning disabilities



Ms. Noa Danenberg, Operations Manager, Coca-Cola visitor's center, Coca-Cola Israel

Accessibility in Visitor's Center - Coca Cola Israel

Room 4

Security net – Networks as a tool for social influence - Ruderman Foundation

Ms. Galia Granot, program officer, The Ruderman Family Foundation

Netted – The Network for increasing Awareness for the importance of integrating young people with disability



Avner Stepak, Shareholder & Vice Chairman
Meitav Dash Investment House

ESEK SHAVEEqual Opportunity Businesses – The network of employers of workers with disability



Avital Sandler Loeff ,Israel Unlimited JDC, Director

Friends for Healthy lives – doing sports – a network for people with and without disabilities


Dr. Tsahi Hayat, faculty atthe Sammy Ofer School of Communications, The Interdisciplinary Center (IDC), Herzliya.

With some help from my friends, how social network can empowering individuals



Noga sivan

Equal Beer Opportunity – A successful local initiative

Session III 15:45-16:30


Room 1

Special Panel for accessibility coordinators and authorized accessibility experts – the future of accessibility legislation

Ms. Netta Rotman, Access Israel

Main challenges of accessibility coordinators in the accessibility  implementation processes in organizations




Ms. Michal Shik-Hartuv, Adv. , Access Israel

 Updates on accessibility regulations and future changes



Mr. Eran Tamir, Adv., Commission for Equal Rights of Persons With Disabilities

Importance of legal advisement as part of the process of increasing accessibility




Ms. Mariana Muallem, Bank Hapoalim

Insights of an accessibility coordinator in a large organization




Questions and Answers


Room 2 (Simultaneous translation)

ENAT round table

On The Way To Going Global

Leading the round table – Ms. Anna Grazia Laura, President of ENAT


Dr. Yoram Swirski

International Handicapped Parking Permit


Room 3 (Simultaneous translation)


Technology and applications promoting Accessibility

Ms. Barbara Operschall – Speech Code

The application for making museums and interest points accessible



 Mr. Udi Landau Managing Partner RSF ISRAEL (AV) LTD

Accessible solutions for hearing impaired in visitor's centers



Mr. Ohad Maislish

CEO, Capester LTD

Capester – the application that helps to enforce disabled parking spots laws.



Ms. Nadin Bdil

The 6th Sense – Social Enterprises Ltd.

Application on accessibility information for tourists with disability



Mr. Moshe Kilim, CEO Mehalev

Application that makes buses more accessible for the blind and visually impaired



Omer Zur
Ziv Demeter

Making challenging treks   accessible

Room 4

The challenges in converting historic cities and sites to be more accessible

Mr. Shmuel Weinglass

Director, Fund for the Development of Services for People with Disabilities, National Insurance Institute Israel

Old City of Jerusalem – Case study



Architect Zeev Margalit, The Authority for Nature Preservation and National Parks

The Principles for making preservations under The authority for nature preservation and national parks, accessible



Ms. Iris Raor-Baratz, CEO, The Sarona Development Co. Ltd

Sarona, Tel Aviv – making the Templers' neighborhood accessible – Case Study

    Ms. Pnina Ceizler, KKL  Accessible Conservation for the synagogue at Naburiya










































































































































































Friday, April 8th 2016

Accessible Tours – choice between Jerusalem, Tel Aviv, National Parks




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