Attorneys learn about accessibility legislation in a special conference of "Access Israel"

Michal Rimon speaking at the conference

A professional conference for attorneys and legal advisors was held on 8.11, initiated by Israel Accessibility Association and in cooperation with the Bar Association, on the topic of 'Accessibility Legislation and Tools for its Assimilation'. Circa 200 attorneys and legal advisors arrived at the Air Force House in Herzliya to hear from attorneys and experts of accessibility fields on the accessibility legislation in order to become acquainted with, learn, understand and acquire practical tools for implementing the legislation and the regulations.

Participated in the conference: The Hon. Supreme Court Judge Yoram Danziger, Members of Knesset, heads of the Bar Association, Rights Commissioner for persons with disabilities in the Ministry of Justice, attorneys and legal advisors of other respectable organizations.

According to the CBC as to 2014, there were more than 1,600,000 people with disabilities, constituting about 18% of Israel's entire population. The 'Accessibility Legislation and Tools for its Assimilation' conference was designated to raise on the agenda the accessibility of public service in favor of people with disabilities in the government and municipal sectors, in non-profit organizations, companies and private businesses, and provide as much as possible a practical "toolbox " for attorneys and legal advisors responsible for assimilating accessibility in organizations and companies.

"Access Israel" together with the Bar Association initiated the conference, aiming to constitute a professional, learning and enriching platform for accessibility issues.

The conference was held in light of legislation processes that have come into effect, which require to perform adjustments and modifications in structures and in the various communication platforms in which the service is provided, so that the rendered service will be equally accessible and at the same level of quality, convenience and safety for people with disabilities as provided to the entire public. 




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