The "Feeling Accessibility" Happening

1/05/2015 09:30
The "Feeling Accessibility" Happening


Feel Accessibility in the air, land and sea.


 A sports happening promoted by "Access Israel", the Israeli sports association and the Paralympics council, to increase awareness to accessibility for persons with disabilities and paralympic sports, as part of the journey towards finding the next paralympic sports superstar.


The event will take place on Friday, May 1st 2015, from 09:30 till 15:00 on the Tel-Aviv port.


Featured in the event:

- An empathy sail on the ships of challenge - NPO promoting paralympic sports
- An empathy flight provided by the Moonair flight school.
- An experiential happening in the Tel-Aviv port – on the  northern deck around the sand pit, a variety of experiential areas combining showcase games of different paralympic sports : Wheelchair basketball, Wheelchair Tennis, Goalball, Wheelchair rugby, Blind Tandem cycling and more… The awareness and disability experience area: Blind ice-cream tasting, sign language tattoos, an acquaintance with sign language and the world of the deaf, a wheelchair obstacle course, walking and running blindly, blind salsa dancing, wheelchair bicycle, street performances and more…



In the program:
12:45 – 13:45 – A ceremonial celebration of Access Israel's 16th year and announcing the search for the new paralympic sports superstar.
Featured artists: Boaz Banai, Avia Shoshani and Sivan Talmor in a short act as well as a special guest, the rapper "MC CP" (Yair Shirki).
The event is made possible thanks to: Access Israel, The Paralympic counsel, The Israeli association for paralympic sports, Tel-Aviv city hall, The ministry of culture and sports, The Tel-Aviv port, Ministers, Knesset members, CEO's, Public figures and special guests.


Come with family and friends to meet, greet, compete and experience,

See you there!

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