Access Israel held "Modern accessibility in public transportation" conference, in presence of the Minister of Transport , Mr. Israel Katz

Minister Israel Katz and Yuval Wagner next to acce

Conference initiated by Access Israel and cooperation with the Ministry of Transport. Attended Minister Katz , MK Karin Elharar , Director General of the Ministry of Transport , Mr. Uzi Yitzhaki , Yuval Wagner - Access Israel Chairman , Commission for Equal Rights of People with Disabilities Ahya Kamara , Executive Directors of Transportation , Transportation personnel from the authorities , heads of disability organizations , accessibility authorized , and more. Total attended about 200 people , which took place at the "Bet H'el Haavir" in Herzliya.

The purpose of the conference was to learn about the challenges we face to complete the process of making the public transportation accessible for people with disabilities.

In recent years, many important accessibility steps were taken by the Ministry of Transport , local authorities and transport companies , but the way to complete the task is still long and fraught with challenges.

During the reception and breaks , many vendors from the accessibility area, presented their products to the participants

The participants also experienced special imagined disabilities stations , established for this purpose by the association staff including: experience in a wheelchair, hearing disability , cognitive disability and more. The title of this project - "You won’t understand until you experience"

Providing accessibility process requires sequence of actions :

- Provides information on accessibility arrangements ,

- The accessibility of the road from home to the bus stop ,

- Accessibility of taxis ,

- Accessibility of the sheds ( bus stations ) and buses / trains

- Accessible and courteous service by drivers and attendants .


This article was translated voluntary by Yaniv Ben-Ishay







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