Hall of Independence

Where the "Hall of Independence" stands today, is where sixty six families gathered in 1909 to allocate lots to build a jewish neighbourhood outside of Jaffa called "Achuzat Bayit", which eventuall became Tel-Aviv
The Hall of Independence


On April 11th, 1909, Meir Dizengoff and his wife Zina received lot 43 where they constructed their home. Meir Dizengoff acted as the chairman of the new neighbourhood, and in time became Tel-Aviv's first mayor.


In 1910, during a general assembly of Achuzat Bayit, it was decided to change the name of the neighbourhood to Tel-Aviv, based on Herzel's book Altneuland (The Old New Land).


After his wife passed away, in 1930, Meir Dizengoff donated his house to the city he loved and asked that it would be turned into a museum. The structure was refurbished and expanded and in 1936 the Tel-Aviv museum of art was founded.


In May, 1948, the Hall of Independence held the ceremony during which Israel was declared a country. And in 1978, after extensive reconstruction, the Hall of Independence was opened for the masses.


Hall of Independence's Accessibility Accomodations: Handicapped parking spot, accessible pathway from parking lot to museum, no accessible bathrooms.

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