Neot Kedumim - the Biblical Landscape Reserve


he Neot Kedumim nature reserve stretches over 2500 dunams of hills and valleys in the center of the country where Bible vegetation is grown along with agriculture as described in the Sources.

The hills are adorned with grape and olive orchards, tranquil water pools, abundant foliage and agriculture, archeological digs, local wildlife, oceans of wheat and barley stalks, ploughed fields, pomegranate orchards and walnut gardens, a pleasing panorama of Israeli landscape as described in the Bible and literature. Located between Jerusalem and Tel Aviv, visitors to the nature reserve can get a personal feel of the diverse natural phenomenon so characteristic of our country which was interwoven in the legacy of our people. This place is well known for its magical beauty and is recommended for all.


Visitor Information


Tel. 08-9770770


Duration: 1 – 3 Hours


Tour is Intended For: Paths are easily accessible for people using wheelchairs.


How to Reach: Near Ben Shemen Forest. From Highway 443 from Tel Aviv to Jerusalem, turn left to the entrance to the Nature Reserve and continue from the entrance to the right where (by the store) there are two, marked parking spaces for the disabled. The Souvenir Store is both the meeting and departure points.


Services: The Souvenir Store provides pamphlets for each of the three different organized routes. The pamphlets and the directional marks and explanations allow you to proceed on your own. There is also a small train that travels the site, intended for groups only. By prior arrangement, wheelchair users can access the train by ramp. The train has an accompanying guide and travels the different routes according to a specific schedule.


All three of the routes are intended for families with children and carriages and for the disabled in wheelchairs. There are several facilities for the disabled along the way as well as benches for resting. Most of the stops along the route are accessible for the wheelchairs.


Each Route is 2-3 km long and takes approx. 3 hours to complete.


Flour Mill


Neot Kedumim is the site of an original water powered Flour Mill which is the only one of its type still in operation today. This restored site spreads over 10 dunams, including a swimming hole whose water is channeled from a nearby wadi, a 50 meter water aqueduct, and a two-tiered reproduction of the original flour mills in early Israel.



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